April Minutes 2012

NEXT RADBA MEETING is: Tuesday, May 29 at 4 p.m.



$1,294.97 from RDA from previous business association

$3761.97 including memberships


If you join between now and July it’s $125 for remaining membership in RADBA this year and then you are a member for next year.  Membership form on our website www.RADBA.org


Impact of the Changing Neighborhood

New neighbors with both positive and negative effects with our neighborhood

How would we like to handle this and present it to council?  How does this impact property taxes and rents?  How does this affect the independent creative capital of the neighborhood?

Do we approach this with the city?  Are we trying to open a dialogue about this with the city?

Tim-the day of the New Belgium announcement, the Ice House has three full price offers; in 3 weeks investors, including Tim Schaller, are closing on the Wedge Building–commercial stuff on the lower level and try to keep the upper part artist studios

Marsha-the County determines taxes and determines how much money comes from the City of Asheville; there are different focus areas for the county; suggest talking with commissioners

Matt-the city has more interest than the county commissioners; the RAD is a key part of what’s happening in the city of Asheville

Pattiy-With New Belgium’s location, they will attract other auxiliary businesses in support of their business and will attract a different kind of business that is not necessarily art-friendly, which may start turf wars for real estate.  New Belgium attracts 200-250,00 visitors/year in Fort Collins.

Wendy Whitson-has a meeting with Kit Cramer at the Chamber of Commerce about this next week

Marty from Cottonmill-It would be nice to grandfather in buildings that have a certain percentage of artists.

Tim-how do we define who an artist is?

Pattiy-in conversations in WE CAN, what we hear back from the city is that it’s a decision by the state legislature.  If we find a model elsewhere, it would be helpful if it was in NC.  One option is that a large foundation runs a subsidized housing deal.

Whether we can do this, who knows, but we should form a subcommittee to discuss options of maintaining a place-based art-making system

Perhaps include: Steph Monson (City of Asheville), Jeff Staudinger (HACA), Matt Jones (from Norfolk Southern)

Suggestion: keep conversations friendly and partner-based, instead of creating an us and them scenario

Maintaining RADBA Mission of Independent Creative Commerce: This is the purpose of RADBA and will drive RADBA going forward.

Update: June 5 Events

Ribbon Cutting + Parade–starts at 6 p.m.

Draft press release handed out by Pattiy Torno

Part of funding goes to Asheville Greenworks and part to One Neighborhood

Monies for One Neighborhood will be handled by Roots + Wings School of Art in  Pink Dog Creative

Fundraiser at the Grey Eagle: Band-Gerome from Fire Cracker Jazz Band; Adama may play and perhapd River Gorgarian; Blue Dragons will play

$10 donation–no one gets in for free

Lots of people are involved in the planning and no one is getting paid

Silent Auction–artists would like to contribute this way; Brandy Clements working on this–Integrative Family Health of Asheville wants to offer auction items.  Get information to Brandy Clements by May 30 http://discoverplanetart.com/?page_id=42

FLS offered parking lot for the event; Old Wood Company offered flat bed truck; Asheville On Bikes has sound system

RADA Report/Studio Stroll (Wendy Whitson)

RADA are looking for trolley sponsors–$300 contact Wendy Whitson

RADA considering a 501c3 status; finalizing interivews for 2 people for the PT coordinator position (75 applicants)

Second Saturdays–lots of visitors for first Second Saturday; working with CVB to build it

Made rack cards to hand out across region to decrease costs associated with printing Studio Guides

Gail McCarthy has been asked to be on the RAD History Committee–she has lots of ephemera to share; make a timeline for the RAD.

This Fall is the 18th year of the Studio Stroll

Susan Roderick: Movement to support a RADBA Trolley sign for the stroll; Susanne 2nd the motion; RADBA will sponsor a $300 trolley banner (plus design fees)


Billboard: Time for a new billboard contract.  Contact Pattiy Torno by May 20, 2012 for information

New Belgium Community Meetings: May 7 and 8 from 5.30 -7 p.m. at The Artery

May Public Meetings for Connect Buncombe: see proposed county-wide greenway priority areas.  The meetings will be held from 5:30-7:30 at the following dates and locations:

  • May 14 Weaverville Town Hall 30 South Main Street Weaverville, NC 28787

  • May 15 Skyland Fire Department 9 Miller Rd Skyland NC, 28776

  • May 21 AB Tech Enka campus 1459 Sand Hill Road Candler, NC 28715

  • May 22 NC Department of Cultural Resources 176 Riceville Road Asheville, NC 28805

RADTIP Public Meetings: Early Fall

RADA: building reps for every building http://www.riverartsdistrict.com/artistsbuilding.html

FLS has boardroom space available for free use.  Contact Joanna Baker <joanna@flsenergy.com>

Marsha Stickford, City of Asheville Neighborhood Coordinator

City Council Committee Meeting: May 29 from 6.30-8:00 p.m. in Public Works Building–focused on Central Community–everyone in RAD is invited to attend

GrowWNC –meetings in Southside Center coming up soon

NEXT RADBA MEETING is: Tuesday, May 29 at 4 p.m.