April Minutes 2014

RADBA has Open offices coming in June! Treasurer and Secretary
Please send your nominations to radbusinessassociation@gmail.com
Reminder of what offices entail / time commitment
RADBA Secretary Position Description

Tailgate Market Proposal: Kimber Lawson and Ryan

When? Early Mid June – 9am-1pm every saturday
– June 7 Marathon
– June 14 Studio Stroll
– We suggest you start the 3rd week
– Wants to work with studio stroll
20% Craft Vendors (from the RAD)
80% Farmers Market
– prepared Food? need permit so they would limit
How many spaces? 10-15 spaces
– small at first to start manage
– yearly membership $50, (weekly tbd but affordable)
– Their might be to many other markets, but Pink Dog is willing to experiment
– Talk to Green Opportunities about how to incorporate the neighborhood
What if you don’t get RAD artists?
– We want Rad artists only as the crafts people
– Changes – artists ground floor to second story
– They are not trying to take business away from RAD by inviting other people to sell work here
– RADA members only? No – Kimber could give RADA members a discount
– We like north asheville – fresh farmers and groceries –  we like handmade – Soap & Bread, honey, cheese

– We think we have support – Glen Rock, Green Opportunities

– Not as into Flea Market, objection is its not community, we want a good front door to us

– 11-1:00 busiest hours for some Artists

Parking? WHere will people park?

– Grassy area near tracks

– Back of trucks face the street

– People park on street

RADPAC member to the river redevelopment meeting

(PAC – Planning Advisory Committee)

We would like to have a member of RADBA come to the River Redevelopment Commission Meetings

Second Thursday every month, Second Floor Chamber Board Room

– Hedi said she would go

Clingman Ave cleanup
– 3 months from RADBA members Thanks!
– Would RADBA –
– $300 only covers mowing

– Volunteers for left and right, does not cover the weeding median & round-about Greenworks will help with the volunteer

– put some evergreens – we need color

Time Capsule for New Belgium
    – material from stock yard to make wooden nickel
– Laser engraved – logo and name
RAD Billboard
Annual Sponsor
– $900 for the year, $250 quarterly

Letter of support  for Tiger Six Money 14.6 Million – grant for housing urban development and EPA working together to do grants.

We are:

Closing out Tiger 2 Grant (included Planning – clingman forest greenway, RAD Tip Planning) 1 to 1 match by the city pay to build RADTip, Clingman Forest, Complete Streets, French Broad River West Greenway, round about at Clingman Cafe

We were looking for a letter of support – Patty crafted a letter and sent it to them

They got letters from – Congressman, Duke Energy, New Belgium, Cbo,

Riverside Drive Development – Tiger 2 Grant money – gentrification study – tool box to know what is available, (ie land trust, what can and can’t we do…)
Could be used anywhere in the city

May 24 Just Economics – Just Brew It Festival, Wedge Brewing
(Fundraiser for Just Economics (living-wage certification)
Home Brewers Only
– beware for people alcohol consumption that weekend

Graffiti policy update
City voted to spend 300k to clean up the graffiti
Then it will be under control

– July 1-September  – big push to remove, property owners agreed to pay 10% someone put up the 10% so property owners will not have to pay.

Call the city and schedule someone to come clean up – 48 hours

Thanks to Joe for collecting the grafitti response from the RADBA members, and thanks for your feedback on the policy.

What is the number to call to have the graffitti removed?
– We will find that info and have them at the next meeting
– They are rolling out information about how to use the funds to clean up your building and RADBA will share that with you


Parking on Depot
– Northfork will not give us the rights to put in the parking
–  We will ask the Transportation Department, Ken Putnam
– Where does the money for the parking go? (ex sidewalk, grading, striping..)
– Could we just stripe it? We don’t want you to just strip and then not come back
– We really want the sidewalk and a parking lot entrance
– Pink Dog is ready to put trees in and waiting
– Could we write a letter? They haven’t formally told us about this
– Does the greenway include this area?
– The multimodal plan shows a bike lane down depot
– If they do anything – they will Share rows
– Safety issue
– Traffic – most of the traffic comes from – Robert street, CLingman, and across the Tracks pulling off to the right is safe, people park the wrong way

Trolley Sponsorship
– RADBA agreed to sponsor the stroll one day

Nominations for May meeting
President elect
Membership Drive
Executive Board Meeting – once a month and the monthly meeting

Formal announcement May – Voting in June
Week before the meeting May 22
Member meeting – Nourish and Flourish
Push people to invite guests to show up to next meeting