April Minutes 2018

4.24.2018 RADBA

Attendance: Shelly S, Wendy Whitson, Sarah Henry, Matt Sprouse, Casey Nifons, Jared Kay, Matt Wallace, Jim Morgan, David Lafave, Hollie Carley, Garrett Artz, Kate Rotanz, Brain Gompers, Joe Ransmeier, Michael Craft, Kathryn Adams, Kelley Klope, Kate Eckardt, Joe Sasty, Hedey Fisher, Daren Green, Sarah Keith

Motion to Approved March Minutes: Approved

Treasurers Report, Jenny Lumb: Membership is available for renewal July 1

Neighborhood Update:

-A stolen vehicle (from near eco depot) was recovered.

-People are stealing purses from cars at Amboy Park.

-2 shop lifting incidents in the RAD.

-A couple domestic situations with the homeless population,

-Roots humus was broken into on the 21st, Police got the guy in there trying to crack open a safe.

-14 Riverside someone climbed into the locked area and stole some goods.

-Fire happened @ Haywood and Riverside Drive 10 pm Cab of a catapiller was on fire, The owner of the catapiller has said this has happened before so seems isolated. They took brochures from 14 Riverside drive

City of Asheville Neighborhoods Update: N/A

New Belgium Brewery Update: WNC For the Planet, Project with WNC non-profits celebrating earth MONTH. Meeting next week to see if this project will live year round. But will absolutely be back next year. 90% volunteer opportunities.

-Ramping up for event season. Hosting a movie on the 16th and in the fall bike in movies

-Check out their calendar of events online!

Riverlink Update:

-Many people benefited from the WNC for the planet

-River Music and River Fest line ups are set and will be at New Belguim June 8th is the first one.

-Anything that floats parade

-Some trash from the river has been showing up on the door step

RADA Update:

Pole Banner project, MOU pulled together money to help maintain vibrancy in the district during construction. 114 Banners are going up in the district. Goal is to have the Banners up by May, for the Banner Second Saturday May 2nd, The will be a VIP event for all the sponsors and RADA will be paying for the trolley.

Keep working on promoting second Saturdays Team!

RADTIP Update:

-Leadership Round Table, Third Friday of the Month usually at Riverlink, June will be at Smokey Park Adventure Center. Email Sarah Henry if you want to be on the list.

-Email blasts on construction will now be every 2 weeks instead of monthy: Email Sarah if you would like to receive these shenry@ashevillenc.gov

-Dates are set for trestle bridge May 7th – June 18 1 lane with traffic light. There will be a flashing sign to help notify people before the project.

-Water outage happened last week happened from cotton mill all the way down to lyman they worked really quicky to get water and port o poties to people.

-The city is committed to fixing things and being as responsive as possible.

-Camps and trash came up about the round table, The city is working on getting them cleaned up with community resource partners.

-Ultimately escalating these issues to elected officials. Could possibly make the largest impact, Sarah is happy to provide proper contact information

-All the river outfitters have organized a group to meet regularly (like the leadership round table)

-Tim Schaller was appointed for the River Front Commission

Explore Rad.com Adding content to direct people to the RAD during construction and will be adding a map. Also the WAZE app could be a good tool.

New Business: Board Nominations for RADA are needed. June 30th This years social will be at the Grey Eagle. Mike Craft circles around to Conversation stemming from Leadership Round Table concerns about human waste (two kinds) near the river and a need for more trash cans and facilities.

Summer of Glass Update:

Summer of Glass website is live! Summerofglass.com A big thanks to all of our RAD partners, exciting things in the works like History Exhibition at 14 Riverside Dr and video from Amplified Media!

Stoneyard Apartment Update: After Approval from city council and the support of the RAD, now they are in the final phase of all the drawings which will take another 2-3 months, then go through the permit process. Optimistically Sept start with construction. 16-18 months to complete the project

Bike Share feasibility meeting: Starting to look at if Asheville is a candidate