April Minutes 2019

RADBA Meeting Minutes April 30, 2019

 Call to Order Self-Intro and Sign-In by all present

Motion to Approve Minutes from last meeting

  • Approved  

Treasurer’s Report Pattiy Torno (RADBA Treasurer / Owner Curve Studios)

  • Nothing has changed: 10,300 in bank // 1050 allocated already // Dues in July

  • Easel Rider Pattiy will send invoices

 RADPAC Report Tim Schaller (Committee Chair / Owner Wedge Brewery)

  • Pattiy: Jetty Ray had a public meeting @ Cloud Room last Monday.  Moving forward.  Will be brought to the June RADBA meeting.  TRC, RADBA, AARC June PNZ July

  • Build out in 2020

 Neighborhood Update Officer Justin Wilson (Community Resource Officer) 828-450-3719 JWilson@AshevilleNC.gov

  • RAD has recently gotten alot focus after many events and recently after the attention there has been significantly less crime.

  • French Broad Outfitters had someone break a window and grab a cash register

  • Construction crews under the bridge are being harassed

  • Request for increased patrols on Foundation and Lyman, this has happened and nothing has come of it.

  • Question: About speed reduction on Depot street, Ultimately it is not a APD problem but a transportation department discussion.  Matt Sprouse relayed info on a recent meeting and the transportation department is planning on coming back shortly with solutions. 

  • Request to investigate the parking lot near trackside studios

City of Asheville – RADTIP Update Sara Henry (Economic Development Specialist / Strategic Development Office)

  • Sarah, working to find time with city leadership to come up ways to communicate during flood events.

  • Development Services Presentation on Noise Ordinance.

  • Reaching out to residents, businesses to help rewrite the 20 year old noise ordinance.  Currently in listening and research mode to try and come up with the best solution for Asheville.

  • Big picture goal is to involve everyone who can contribute to the concerns

  • At the end of the summer create a clear guidelines for APD to be able to enforce

  • Public engagement links below.

  • Take the Survey: http://www.opentownhall.com/7326

  • Download the NoiseScoreApp

  • Stay up to date: http://www.ashevillenc.gov/noise

  • Wed May 15 8:30 AM – 10:00  at the Chamber of Commerce, Business only forum

 NBB Update Mike Craft (Marketing Director, Community Liason – or other worthy title)

  • May 5th Hosting uncommon market Sunday May 5th

  • Collecting gently used booked for children,  Delivered by bike to Asheville primary Monday May 13th

  • May 14th, BFB Status

  • May 17th Roll out of work Day

  • May 18th Clean Streams

  • May 28th Hosting RADA

 RiverLink Update Garrett Artz (RiverLink Exec. Director)

  • Joe Sasy, Anything floats, Registration is on the Riverlink website.  (Third Sat in July) (Targeting 25 floats this year)

 RADA Update Nadine Charleson (RADA President)

  • Heleine update: Nadine update > Interest in securing 14 Riverside drive as something for the RAD?  Hoping for it to be a resource for the RAD Community.   

Old Business

One Neighborhood – Leaf EaselRider – Lauri Nichols Banners

  • Hosting June July and Aug / Second Saturdays at 14 Riverside Drive

  • Send out digital copy of flyer.  Include easel rider media kit. 

New Business

  • Social in June 25th Sunny Side Trading Co 27 Foundation Unit 50

  • People get nominated during this meeting

  • New Banners are up and flying round 2 is done round three probably in January

Carolina Panthers Project

  • Service project with North Carolina Glass Center happening at the Dr Wesley Grant Sr. Southside Center

 Scooter Share Survey

  • Digital survey to be sent out.

Color Ball

  • The Color is Ruby, two pre-parties @ Eco Depot and Cotton Mill Studios. Main Event at the Fumatorium.  More information to follow.  Sept 21st

Other New News

  • Farmers Market begins at All Souls Tomorrow

  • Glass Center Open House, May 11th 5- 8 PM

  • Eco depot is carrying luscious liquor icecream

  • Pleb: Will bring info from meeting with production company about videos in hotel rooms.

May Meeting (May 28 @ 4pm) will be at New Belgium Brewery – in the Stockyard Room – 3rd floor, 91 Craven Street – doors lock automatically, so arrive on time!