August Minutes 2012

Monthly Membership Meeting—Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FLS Energy Board Room, 130 Roberts Street, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. at FLS Energy

Meeting Items:

Approve Minutes to July 31 Meeting: Approved

Membership Dues are up for Renewal/ Membership Forms: Tim Schaller collects checks from 3 members

Tim Schaller reported for Trip Howell: just about $5,000 in the RADBA account

Future RADBA work – survey(monkey) topics

Goal: have a survey that goes out to RADBA members to identify goals for the organization for 2012-2013

Identify the issues and gather consensus of what we are pursuing as an organization

There are 5 different plans happening in and around the RAD, so it will be important that we help bring everyone together collectively.

RADBA MEMBER FEEDBACK NEEDED: What information would you like to see RADBA focus on in 2012-2013?  Please send top three priority areas and any specific questions that you would like to see on the RADBA survey to Susanne Hackett at by September 10, 2012.

We will put this into a survey, send it out to RADBA members, and then share information with RADBA to define how we will move forward as an association.

Formation of Neighborhood Development Sub-Committee

Question: should we get this survey out first and then setting the sub-committee?  For instance: if there is more concern about Roberts Street, perhaps a business owner on Roberts might be a better committee member, etc.

Feedback from Stephanie Monson: RADBA needs to be clear about what we are asking for from the City and they will get it to us.  We need to be clear and we can get what we need.

–       Set first meeting time

–       Request info from City to begin

Traffic–where are we with a traffic committee.  Perhaps this comes out of the survey as well.

Plans, plans, plans!  Suggestion to do an overview of all plans going on in RAD right now.

Letter sent to Council on Clingman Ave Green the RAD

The letter has gotten around the City.

City caught by surprise because everyone assumed that there was an agreement between DOT and the City.  There is not.  Clingman is on DOT property.

Stephanie Monson, David Foster, Jeff Moore are now working to increase communication with DOT about how their properties get maintained.

Asheville GreenWorks is doing a great job.

Sunflowers were a great solution for the fall weeds.  Planted tons of bags.  FLS worked with Asheville GreenWorks to do that.  Thank you!

Depot St Parking and Sidewalk update – Plan from Matt Sprouse

Delay for the Depot Street parking and sidewalk.  There are some things happening with the railroad.  Part of it is an encroachment onto their land, it’s gotten a bit muddy.

They are looking for this to be on the 2013-2014 fiscal year.  Fence will be 30 feet off of the center line of the tracks, like at the Wedge.

Is it the sidewalk or the grading that steps over?  It’s the grading.  Why not move forward with the on-street parking on Depot St.  The concern is that it doesn’t leave people a safe place for them to get out of their vehicles.

Can we use the gravel lot for the stroll.  We can provide insurance for that lot. Trip and Brian are working on this conversation.

The Lyman Street sidewalk is looking great.  It’s VERY slow, but it’s great.

What about the Bywater?  That’s a spur, and Norfolk Southern does not own it.  That track is used once/week.

What to do with the membership $

These are some of the suggestions that came up:

WCQS–to raise awareness that RADBA exists.  $120 for one-day sponsorship around the time of the studio stroll

Don’t feel like RADBA needs publicity.  We don’t need to reach the public.  Advertise the businesses in the River Arts District, rather than RADBA.  RADBA needs to become a site that links to all businesses.

Focus should be come down here for your business, not here’s RADBA.

The billboard costs $14,000/year.  This is out of RADBAs reach

Giving to the organizations that come into the area–cleaning the area, etc. rather than advertising.  How do we make it more functional?  How do we get traffic through here?  How do we keep people safe here?

What if RADBA is the champion/advocate for the public spaces in the RAD?

It would be nice to see the money spent somewhere where we get recognition and give while we get…pollination.

Motion to do a one-day sponsorship in November for the Studio Stroll.  Amendment (Thursday or Friday of that week).  100% support

Studio Stroll Ad

Other Sponsorships?

Possible RADBA award/fellowship

Little mini McArthur grant possibility–this is in VERY EARLY discussions.  Collaborate on this award with other people on this.

Concerned that this is outside the scope of the RADBA mission.

Best use would be to raise awareness about RADBA.

What about having seed grants?

What about adopt a street?  We don’t have a lot down in the RAD.  DOT right of ways have to be adopt a highway.  Maybe we could adopt a local street.

What about a RADBA member business group–vinyl cling

RADA update – Daniel McClendon, RADA liaison

The RADA brochure deadline is coming up.  Ads have different pricing based on size and placement.

Trolley sponsorships for the next stroll are coming up as well.

Limited turn out at RADA meetings.

Stormwater pipe burst on Clingman -Pattiy Torno


Artist Brainstorm Sessions coming up.  Contact Susanne Hackett if you would like to offer knowledge to artist looking to grow their businesses.

New Belgium is planning a Stockyard event in December or January to do a final auction to offer reused materials to the community, as well as build collaborations with the community

River Music Festival

Not as much impact as was expected

Parking Survey

They are assessing what parking is available.  Give them better information about what’s available.  Did it mostly in downtown.

Is this to plan parking meters?

The City is not going to swoop in and put them down.  Will not happen without a major conversation with business owners.

The intent is to do better planning.  There is awareness that parking in RAD is not good.  Wanted to include RAD to gather this info.

Do the survey and then do a presentation to City Council.

RAD Fest

RADFest was great!

Probably didn’t make any money, but they were great.

Congratulations Sitework Studios for getting the Clingman Forest and Town Branch greenway planning grant!!!!!  It’s the book end of the RAD.