August Minutes 2013

Monthly Membership Meeting—Aug. 27, 2013

FLS Energy Board Room, 130 Roberts Street, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Thank you FLS Energy!


Membership Update: 2013-2014 Dues deadline July 1, 2013
Membership Drive: tell your neighbors!

Items of Note:



Meeting Items:

Approve Minutes to July Meeting – approved

Color The RAD 5K, Saturday November 2, 1:00 pm

Tina Weaver & Paulma Cohen  828 210 9605

YMCA, 30 Woodfin St. – Come work out on Tina for free
Estimated 300 Runners, 15 Spectators, No Road Closure, APD Assisted, 30min, 175 cars

Starts and Ends at the Wedge Brewery
Color Powdered, Cleaned up with water
Parking: Wedge is donating parking, Riverlink has parking too.
100% funds raised goes back to helping build health community – Community development in all aspects

  1. Wear White

  2. Finish plastered in color

Artists produce an art piece, Celebrating 125th Anniversary that week. YMCA
Following the race weekend is the Stroll, cross promotion
Health Happiness Fun – Finish Run have a fun Time


Darren Green, RADBA Business Brainstorming at the AAAC

These types of educational opportunities will really help people create growth in the community. Help put the business


Membership Drive – Flyers door to door, Direct Mail Piece

Opportunities will really help people create growth in the community. Help put the business

–       Send list of those who didn’t join. Delegate who will follow up

–       3rd Tuesday every Month RADA – present at the next board meeting

–       Associate member RADBA – Businesses that are not in the RAD could support RADBA.

–       Let’s keep it RAD only

–       Opening membership up to outside businesses, what do we owe them? We will keep membership to the RAD

–       Get new members to Join, planning a direct mail campaign

–       RADA members, artists could come to meeting with out joining, probably better

–       Update contact list on gmail

Bridge Update – Have permit start digging footer, 3 weeks to cure

Early October, Thank you from Asheville Design Center

We should invite John Fillman, Asheville City to discuss RAD event opportunities, tell him what we want to do in the neighborhood

Tax Bills – some 30% up Pattiy, 50% down Darren

Tim, Wedge – if someone brings something like a race to the community, we encourage RADBA members to create a discussion with the group


Evan, APD –

– Pinland World was kicked in, didn’t steal anything

– Someone stole letters from 12 bones Sign “sweet racks”

– Someone took tips from Food Cart at the Wedge

– REAP – tag he’s been caught a bunch of times

– Graffiti – report to APD, Clean up as soon as possible

– City Council is discussing ordinance for property owners clean up w/n 24 hours of they will get a fine, if it looks like it will happen they will let us know first.

– Check out – Social Networking Website for people to communicate privately within neighborhood. Take a picture of the bad guy, verify the resident doing the crime.


Eric Bradford, Asheville Greenworks