August Minutes 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Daniel McClendon at 4:05 pm.

Minutes from July meeting were approved.

All present introduced themselves and signed in.

Treasurer’s Report/Jenny Lumb: We currently have 31 members. 12 that were active last year to pay up. $9600 in account. The only outflow from the account is the $300 for the landscaping on Clingman.

Form Based Code: The charrette report will be released by September 10th. The more detailed report will be released by end of September and in October there will be an opportunity for input from people who weren’t part of the charrette process. After October, the draft coding stage will begin and it will be harder to change anything once that happens. You can go to the cities website for more details on each project. For more information on the form based code, please see the website and Facebook page:

NBB: They have been meeting with neighborhood/communities to get input for the past three years. One main concern were the trucks on Haywood Rd. An alternative route is being worked out. In 2016, there will be 4 trips a day and in 2020 there will be 26 trips a day. Because the trucks cannot navigate the right turn on Crave St., half of these trips will be on Riverside Dr. For the vendor deliveries, some will have to use Haywood. They are currently hiring and looking to fill 50 positions by the end of the year. So far, there are 35 positions filled from Asheville. Some positions include truck drivers, tasting room, and packaging. They are full time with benefits. The first load of hops is in and they will be wet testing this fall and brewing by the end of the year. The tasting room is scheduled to open March/April of 2016 with soft openings in February.

AARC/Pattiy Torno: No new business to report.

City of Asheville/Marsha Stickford: Still looking at cost for funding the Craven St. bridge. There is a collaborative approach in developing the innovation districts. Check the cities website for more information on the process and plan for the innovation districts. Watch for me Campaign started as a way to make Asheville safe on the streets by focusing on vehicles stopping at crosswalks. Coming up with strategies for Zero Waste and the impact of river dumping.

Asheville Police/Ofc. Sean Davis: In July, there was an armed robbery on Depot St. Car broken into on 6 Roberts st.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:02pm.