August Minutes 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Campbell at 4:03pm.

Treasurer’s Report: There’s a little over $9,000 in the bank account.

APD/Officer Sean Davis: Fine Arts League was broken into. Jars of coins and a laptop was taken. At this time, there are no leads on who it was. A construction trailer in the Jean Webb area was broken into. There have been numerous traffic complaints at five points and further down Depot and Lyman St. It was discussed that speed is a huge issue in the district.

UGOTour: Brett McCall from UgoTours discussed the proposal for RAD. The idea was RADA/RADBA would go in together to develop story points. RADA has signed the contract and has paid their portion. It was proposed that RADA would pay $1,000 and RADBA would pay $2,000. And each story point would be $125 each. It was discussed that a vote will be taken at the next membership meeting.

RADTIP Update/Sara Henry: The City is currently in the preconstruction phase and construction will start in March 2017. There will be an email set out once a month that will provide updates on the project. A contractor is on board and the City is currently working on building a business kit as a resource to keep the businesses in the district informed. There will be 3 phases of this kit. 1st phase will be an information card that will be handed out to businesses and a rack card will be at the CVB to help keep visitors informed as well. 2nd phase will consist of posters, clings and sidewalk signage and the 3rd phase will be on site signage at all the businesses. Jenny Fares is designing this kit and she will present her designs at the RADA meeting on September 20th at 5pm at Odyssey. On the corner of Craven and Riverside, people can pick up logs for free from the trees that are coming down during this project.

City of Asheville: The circulator shuttle meeting discussed different routes to pick up tourists and get them around Asheville. This would be the perfect time for RADBA to get involved because of all the construction taking place. The City is considering this shuttle to go through different areas of Asheville- hospital, Biltmore Village, Downtown, South Slope and West Asheville.

RiverLink: River music is September 9th at Carrier Park and will be focused on bluegrass music. The Anything that Goes float was a success.