August Minutes 2018

RADBA Meeting Minutes August 28, 2018

Call to Order Self-Intro and Sign-In by all present

Tim Schaller Motion to Approve last meetings minutes seconded by Kari Rinn Approved by all

Present: Shelly Schenker, Wendy Whitson, Sarah Beasley, Lauren Turpin, Helaine Greene, Matt Wallace, Pattiy Torno, Jim Mogan, Tim Schaller, Mike Craft, Kari Rinn, Joe Sasfy, Sara Henry, Joe Ransmeier, Heady Fischer, Matt Sprouse, Abigail Dickinson, Ashley Jones, Kathryn Adams

Treasurer’s Report Pattiy Torno (RADBA Treasurer / Owner Curve Studios)
$11700 in the bank. 3 months of outstanding bills totaling $1050 for the rest of the year.

Neighborhood Update Officer Justin Wilson (Community Resource Officer) 828-450-3719
-Petty Thefts continue, cars and unsecure property.
-FBRP- Near the dog park cars keep getting broken into
-Shooting at greens mini mark (2 days ago) The victim does not want it investigated, it is still being investigated without his corporation. The police chief has taken an interest in Green’s and will have a heavier police presence.
-Bull and Beggar was broken into, someone came in and took the cash register
-Kari: Checks in to see what the protocol if someone see’s a person using drugs. If you see such activity call the non-emergency number. 828.252.1110
-RADA requests a police presence at their meeting

City of Asheville Update Sarah Henry
RADTIP Construction Updates:
-Both lanes under the trestle bridge are open road was lowered 18” so now a commercial truck can pass under
-Next Stage: Riverside > Lyman : Expect few traffic impacts, hoping to open the road by fall
-Greenway South of Trestle > 14 Riverside will be open and are planning on an opening/ribbon cutting in October 2018
-2019 on schedule for 5 points round about and southern section of RADTIP
-Large Camp on FBR West, they have received many complaints about this camp. Typically, APD comes down and issues a 7 day notice and offers resources. After the 7 day period APD comes back and they come back with tickets/warrants
-Clean up process has not always been totally clear/ but now the city is working on a more comprehensive process of this clean up. Sending in a bio hazard team and then having park rangers monitor the space. Signs will be going up within the next week for no camping or trespassing.
-All and all greenway opening on one side and closing on the other side
-New people on the riverfront commission may be a great opportunity to connect communities: How do we elevate the idea of the connection between RADA and the Southside community?

NBB Update Mike Craft (Marketing Director, Community Liaison – or other worthy title)
-Events! Today! Aug 28th Celebrating 828, Empire Strikes Brass Plays and Craft Vendors
Sat Sept 1st – Clean up meeting at the WALK walking down to the Brewery
Thursday Sept 6th Movie showing in the brew house, Come Hell or High Water its about the flood in Asheville in 2018
Friday Sept 7th Final River Music: Jay Hawks
Sat Sept 22nd – Tour De Fat : 19th year of the traveling carnival: They are excited to add a bike parade! Family friendly event!
Thursday 27th : Bike in Movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusaders
Oct 25th: Bike in Movie: Original Ghost Busters
Oct 29th : Race to the Taps

RiverLink Update:
Joe Ransmire: Seafood restaurant opening on the riverlink property right across from the cotton mill. Container building w/ kitchen above the flood plane, adding a pavilion, small stage, parking. Riverlink is leasing the land to the restaurant.

Riverfest was great! 16 floats in the parade this year.

RADA Update Wendy Whitson
-Working on a new website: Artists will be able to input all of their own information.
-Last RADA meeting had a tutorial / This will be something that will be on RADBA’s next meeting agenda.

New Business

Abby Dickinson and AJ from the Asheville Coffee Expo
-Saturday, Sept 29th 10 – 2, Ralph Street
-40 vendors! Coffee and Tea centric, Vortex, Rhu, The Hop are a couple of the vendors
-Hopefully next year it will be much more coffee focused….to help with make this area another destination for craft beverages besides beer.

Update on Median maintenance :
City has done a contract for until November just for the median, so RADBA is continuing with our landscaping contract for the edges

RADPAC report re: Greenways Charter expands in the RAD. Darren has charter! We hope as will Cotton Mill Studios and Smoky Park Supper Club

Summer of Glass: New Posters! Talking about the success for the whole district!

Sarah Visitors Center: On going display of RAD artists at the visitors center that will switch out every 6 months!

RAD Second Saturday Sept 8th!
Sept 25 Meeting will be at Pléb (289 Lyman Street-the old Panel World building) @ 4pm!