February Minutes 2012

RADBA February 28, 2012 meeting Agenda

OUR WEBSITE IS: http://radbusinessassociation.wordpress.com/

Depot Street Parking : Tim Schaller

Plan C has been chosen by the City.  The City does recognize RADBA as an official group.  Subcommittees need to be put in place.  i.e. want sidewalk along Clingman next to the old Dave Steel site needs to be widened.

RAD Tip subcommittee needs to be established.

RAD TIP Subcommitee: Susan Roderick, Matt Sprouse, Pattiy Torno are interested in being involved.  If you’re interested in being on this committee contact mattsprouse@

One Neighborhood/Green the RAD Fundraiser : Tim Schaller

Fundraiser for Green the RAD (supporting the Clingman Streetscape) and One Neighborhood to support arts opportunities for area youth.

Artists have said that they will do silent auction

One Neighborhood Fundraiser Subcommittee: Ben from White Duck willing to help; Asheville GreenWorks, Susanne Hackett

Susanne: need graphic designer.  Ginger Huebner or Daniel McCollum said that he might have some contacts.

Shannon Whitworth, TownMoutain, Sirius B all available and willing.

Need to pick the time and date of the event.

Pattiy-can that tie open the grand opening for the Clingman Streetscape?  Tim, will depend on availability of bands.

Third Thursdays on Depot: Tanya Triber (5 mins)

Our way of having an art reception, street-wide event to draw people from all over the city with special events, etc.  Bring more attention to this section of the RAD.  Reception at 6:30.

Modeling Portland, OR.  Same day every month.  Just starting to spread the word.

Have artists booked through August 2013.

Would love to see more businesses on Depot Street participate.

The next one is March 15

Get in touch with Tanya Triber for more info: Tanya  Triber tanyamichelle@gmail.com

Collaborative Marketing Ideas—First Friday, Second Saturday, Third Thursday all are now options for participation in the RAD.

Suggestion that it might get diluted.

Pattiy suggests that with tourism focus it makes sense to have one day per week. Get these three dates into the neighborhood, this is what’s already going on.

Collaborative Marketing Subcommittee: ?? Susanne Hackett would be happy to talk with the three groups about this from an overall marketing standpoint (PollinateCollaborations@gmail.com)

First Friday, Second Saturdays (Brandi Clement), Third Thursday (Tanya Triber)

RADBA windfall: Gail McCarthy (5 mins)

Many years ago, a business association was attempted.  When the business association dissolved, they rolled the money into the RADA.

Pattiy found a folder/memo and find money from the original business owners group was $1,294 into the RADBA account.

2ndSaturday.com / Billboard update : Pattiy (2 mins)

Bought AVL2ndSaturday.com and has started promoting this on RADA.com website

Explanatory page on Second Saturdays on the RADA.com site.

Anyone that has information they would like listed on 2nd Saturdays, please send to Pattiy.  Pattiy Torno  pattiykat@bellsouth.net

She wants special event information (so if you have an exhibit up, send it; if you are doing a food or drink special, send it; if you are hosting a band, send it.)

Billboard–did the contract for 2012

Someone cut down the trees that used to be able to see the trees.  Went from $200/month, but they are able to rent it to $695 for the side facing downtown.  So, we may lose it if someone else decides to rent it.

Grand opening for the Clingman Streetscape: Marsha Stickford (5 mins)

Almost completely done.  Painting along the street on the upper half

Tried to organize ribbon cutting ceremony but decide to hold off until the project is set to go

Original idea is to time it just before the stroll–another event to call attention to the stroll and RAD

RADBA recommends May 12, Second Saturday–at 4-6 p.m. and see if Mayor Bellamy is available for that

Tuesday, June 5 is the date is already on Mayor Bellamy’s schedule–back up date if May 12 does not work

Chamber of Commerce wants RADBA contact: Eileen Black (2 mins)

43 members at the last RADA meeting

RADA hiring administrator and job description will be out soon

Discussed becoming a non-profit

Would like to see RADBA members at the RADA meeting

Members of RADA met at the CVB, Second Saturday, tour committee and liaisons to the CVB were there.

Want to know when big conventions are coming, etc.

***New Studio Stroll 2012 brochure is out.  Available at 375 Depot.  Pick up your copies in the big room just to the right when you come in the door.  Sign out sheet when you pick them up.***

Pattiy–recommend that RADBA have a liaison to meet with this Chamber group.    Susanne Hackett -Pollinate Collaborations-and Darren Green-Old Wood Company- both offered to serve on this group.

TRIP Howell–Southern Conference is this weekend.  Get open, we’ll likely have many visitors this weekend.

SUBCOMMITTEES listed on these minutes, please contact each other and get together at least once before the next meeting.

March 10 near pedestrian bridge–clean up scheduled, neighbors doing clean up.

What’s the effect of opening up the bridge?

Ben from White Duck–bridge is pretty quiet

Marsha Stickford, if you get the feeling that people are camping out, please call the community resource officers and report it.  We don’t want camps settling in to places.

Pattiy-fears have not been realized

Lights on Riverside Drive–has not happened yet; they haven’t finished the RAD yet; she will send Maggie an email and ask

MEMBERSHIP FORM FOR RADBA–available under the membership tab on this website http://radbusinessassociation.wordpress.com/

News Bits:

 • Congratulations to our newest Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Commissioner, Cindy Weeks

• Jeff Staudinger, Community Development Director of the COA will be present @ the next WECAN board meeting o talk about the East of the Riverway Initiative..

please join us if you are interested in hearing more and offering opinions

Thursday March 1, 2012 @ 6:30pm @ 64 Clingman Avenue in the MHO Community Room

• Check out the new Bike Fixit Station: thanks to City of Asheville & the new informational Kiosk: thanks to East of the Riverway & Asheville GO

(Both at the round about across from Phil Mechanic)

• The side walk @ Lyman across the railroad crossing is still in the works.. City Staff is hoping in the next 4 months but it is all up to Norfolk Southern so….

• Dialog was opened with Seth Hendler Voss (COA Parks & Rec) & Marsha Stickford about the maintenance of the Clingman Streetscape… to see how the COA & the NCDOT can work together to get this under control and perhaps at least some of the big stuff off our plate….