February Minutes 2015

President Darren Green called the meeting to order at 4:13.

Those present introduced themselves and signed in.

Meeting minutes from November 2014 were approved.

Darren gave the Treasurer’s report on behalf of Jenny Lumb.  He announced five new members: Brian Boggs/Chairmaker, Splurge, HomeGauge, Smokey Mountain Adventure Center, and Sarver Realty Group.  The current balance in the account is $8,569.

AAARC Update/Pattiy Torno:  At the April 12 meeting, a citizen’s group presented a plan for river access. the Jeff Bowen Bridge is their preferred access point, but this may present the most difficulty for the RAD, in terms of lack of parking in this area. Pattiy will forward more info from this meeting on this topic. There will be a presentation about the next section of the Greenway (Amboy Rd to Hill St. On east side of River), at the next AAARC Meeting, Thursday, March 12th.

Form Based Code Update/Matt Sprouse:  Matt explained the difference between our current code, which is use based, and the proposed form based type.  The use based code is more dependent on the concept of zoned property i.e., how is it being used/occupied? This represents a “looking down from above” view.  The form based code provides more of a street level view, using structure and form to better articulate the look of a building..what you see on the outside, with the use taking place on the inside.  This provides a better context for taking use of a property into consideration, rather than only what a building is zoned for.  Matt and Pattiy encouraged all RADBA members to learn as much as they can over the next months about this change in code in order to provide input when the meetings begin with the design team.  Our district is very unique, and your informed opinions matter. Marsha Stickford mentioned that the West Asheville form based code is still up on the city website,  (www.ashevillenc.gov. Click on city projects) It is a very good example of form based code.  Stephen Munson will also be announcing a meeting for anyone interested in learning more about form based code.  Details of this meeting will be emailed to members.

RADPAC Update/Tim Schaller:  the “Get in Gear” event was announced, scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 21, from noon to four pm.  Local businesses that offer all types of outdoor gear and related products will set up at the Riverlink performance park on  Riverside Dr.  There are no road closures with this event, and Tim said it appears to be a good event, possibly drawing hundreds of people into the RAD.  The Harry Pilos project at the Dave Steel site is moving forward again…this time with less retail space planned. As before, the issue is parking, parking, parking.

RADMAD Update/Susan Kaagan:  RADBA retained Claire Reeder, Media Consultant, to assist in updating the website. A preview of the new site was shown. The look is cleaner, more professional, with easier navigation linking to member websites on every page as well as a google map of the RAD. Thanks to Pattiy Torno for the two photographs used in the website, and members are encouraged to submit other photos they may have of the district. Please send photos, suggestions, comments and upcoming events to Susan Kaagan at  skaagan@gmail.com

One Neighborhood Event Update/Darren Green:  Beginning this year the intention is to create RADBA’s signature annual fundraising event through building awareness of, and promoting the One Neighborhood program. The goals of the program are to introduce and expose kids in the neighborhoods adjacent to the RAD, to the arts and artists there. One Neighborhood creates inclusion, brings art to often disadvantaged kids, and works to prevent gentrification of the area.  The goal of the fundraising is to fully support the costs of the program for the year, reaching out to businesses and individuals who wish to support the arts and education, providing students in the public school system access to art education that is minimal or non-existent in school.  The bulk of the fundraising would take place in advance of the event, which is currently proposed for late Spring or early Summer. A Sunday would be planned, probably a 3 or 4 hour afternoon event.  The activities may possibly take place at the Dr. Wesley Grant Jr. Center. Some activities would include a Kid Zone, which is an event from Stu Helms of Asheville Flyers that offers sports, arts and crafts, and music. There will also be participation from Fire Station #2.  Beginning this year, artists will be paid for their work with the kids. Transportation will now be provided, as well as a supervisory person to stay with the kids during their experience.  Our goal for this year is $10,000. A proposed committee including Darren Green, Tim Schaller, Ginger Huebner, Stu Helm, Robert Gardner, Brenda Mills (City of Asheville), Susan Kaagan, and at least one RADA member will be formed. Other members who may interested in serving should contact Darren Green or Susan Kaagan.  Tim Schaller noted the importance of taking the event to the neighborhood, to the kids and their parents, and also of inviting City Officials and our other partners in the the area (such as WECAN), to join with us.

New Belgium Update/Susanne Hackett:  There will be 30 fermentation vessels arriving on the site in mid-March. They are up to 55 feet tall and will arrive via Amboy Rd to Lyman St. The vessels are scheduled to arrive from March 9-14th, about 10 per day, and will create rolling road closures. State Police and APD will assist with traffic. Please contact Susanne at shackett@newbelgium.com if you experience any problems during this delivery period.  The roofs are now going on the buildings at the site, and by late March work will be taking place inside. By June there will be 250 people working onsite. There have been 12 new hires so far in 2015, with  most already are now here in Asheville.

City of Asheville Update /Marsha Stickford:   Regarding the Craven St. closure: Waynesville to Hazel Mill should be open by the end of April, weather permitting.  There continues to be conversation about a solution for the Craven St bridge, from widening it, to building a new section, including bike lanes and sidewalks. Work on the next section of the Greenway should begin in about sixty days, again weather permitting. The City website will begin to have more information, go to the website  www.ashevillenc.gov and click to City Projects.

Neighborhood Update/Officer Sean Davis:  Crime was down in the RAD last month. A suspect was arrested for the thefts from unlocked parked cars, and four individuals were apprehended for graffiti at the Dave Steel property. Although time did not permit, an interesting discussion re art vs graffiti was offered.

New Business:  Pattiy and Matt updated the membership on landscaping options on the roundabout and Clingman Ave. Yancey Landscapes prepared a detailed proposal for all aspects of this ongoing problem. To have a complete plan, materials and labor would be $20,000 per year, an amount clearly beyond our financial reach. More discussion is required, but in order to begin the season in a timely way, Pattiy offered to cover the cost of pre-emergent, and it was agreed that Yancey will be retained to do a 3x/monthly mowing and weed whacking at a cost of $300/month. This is the same price we paid last year for only twice per month service.  Marsha Stickford added that City Council has allocated $100,000 city-wide to help with such areas, and that we are a priority. Tim Schaller also commented that RADBA should take on some of the cost from the budget, and that we should continue to advance the public/private approach going forward, that what we are doing is both functional and appropriate.

Julia Fosson, RADA President, mentioned that the Spring Studio Stroll will be the second weekend in May, 5/9 and 5/10.  She also said they will hold a tourism industry event, where concierges from local hotels experience the District so they can better inform and direct their clientele.  The event is being called “Keeping it Sketchy”.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15