February Minutes 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Campbell at 4:00pm.

Treasurer’s Report: There’s a little over $9,000 in the bank account.

Neighborhood Update/Officer Justin Wilson: Sean Davis is working on another project so Justin will be filling in for the next couple of months. There was a shooting at Green’s Mini Mart. There are two suspects in custody and the victim is hospitalized but not doing well. A truck was stolen on Depot St. after the keys were left in the truck. There have been a few construction sites that have been broken into. Tools and heavy equipment have been taken off sites on Lyman. The Glass Center was also broken into. There is a suspect in custody but their cash box is still missing. They have been working on vacating homeless camps on Roberts St. and there was a camp on Depot St. that the city is working on taking care of.

City of Asheville Update: Marsha Stickford’s last day at the City was today and Ashley Carson will be taking over starting tomorrow.

RiverLink/Garrett Artz: A name was chosen for the small stream that begins in Aston Park near the intersection of Hilliard and Clingman Avenues. It will be called Bacoate Branch which is named to honor Osie W. Bacoate who has lived in WECAN since 1953 and owned the largest African American owned business in Asheville. RiverLink has an Art and Poetry Education program that runs every year. They are looking for judges that want to participate. They are kicking off their fundraising season and they have big plans for staff and will be seeking corporate sponsorships.

RADTIP Update/Steph Monson: Monthly meetings will be set up to continue discussions of the construction branding/signage kit that was designed for the district during the construction process. The goal is to walk around door to door with the information. Starting in May, there will be Construction Coffees which will be an open office time to come in and talk through what’s happening in the district and to ask any questions. Those haven’t been scheduled yet but 14 Riverside Dr will be opening May 20th then construction starts after that for RADTIP. The final draft for the Form Based Code will be the middle of March. Sasha will be at the next meeting to talk through that in more detail. Duke Energy is doing some work for the City and other private properties (Clingman Lofts). Once a construction manager is brought on board, there will be better streamlined communication. 14 Riverside Dr. will have an open house next month where strategic partners will be coming through. Council is still talking about fees for that space. For the first year, it will be an experimental space to figure out long term what the space will be. The minimum lease is a week and leases more than a year have to go to City Council.

New Business: Pattiy made a proposal to have the streetscape maintained by Doug Yancey. That was approved for April-June to spend $300/month.