January Minutes 2013

Monthly Membership Meeting—January 29, 2013

FLS Energy Board Room, 130 Roberts Street, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

 Meeting Items:

Approve Minutes to November Meeting

New Business

Friends of Earth Fare 5K—April 13, 2013

Glory Hound Events Owner, Greg

Asheville Citizen Times Marathon—September 27 and 28

  • Traffic blocking but no road closures for this event.  Mile points 21-24 in RAD between 7:15 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. Runners will be spread out by that point, and will not need road closures.  Route and more information here: http://ashevillemarathon.com/

  • Business owners had some concern that the route was set last summer and this is the first time the business owners have been involved in the discussion

  • Charity event, expecting 2,500 people in the marathon, brings a lot of people to Asheville, as it is a destination race

  • Building a “Passport” for runners for downtown businesses and could do the same in the RAD if there was desire

  • Open to working with artists to create 72 awards for the races.  Daniel is taking this back to RADA.

  • RADBA will be listed as a partner on website

Feedback? greg@gloryhoundevents.com

Friends of Earth Fare 5K—April 13, 2013

6:30-9:30 a.m. Riverside Drive will be closed from Craven to Curve Studios

French Broad Challenge Triathalon—Sunday, May 26

9-11:30 a.m. Riverside Drive will be closed from Craven to Curve Studios

Roberts Street Parklet—Luly Gonzalez

  • O.P.E.N. works with Arts2People to provide public place-making projects to experiment with public space

  • Mission Hospital is interested in sponsoring OPEN to provide a parklet in the RAD

  • This can be a permanent or temporary space that is created for public use that would come about in Spring/Summer 2013

  • Feedback: do not take parking to create this; like the idea; something that moves around would be cool; Roberts St. could be a good option; thinking about shad zones, pedestrian amenities along the bridge would be great if DOT supported it

  • Want to be involved in determining what this parklet in the RAD will look like?  A feedback session is being scheduled at the Asheville Area Arts Council, or reach out to Luly Gonzalez with OPEN: Luly Gonzalez luly@alembicstudio.com

Ben Williamson from Crossfit Pisgah

Crossfit Pisgah is located at 151 W. Haywood St.  (blue metal building)

  • Introduction of the business to RADBA, have 60 members, very community-minded, invite anyone to visit anytime.

  • Planning a fitness event April 6 + 7 with the City on the land next to the river on Riverside Drive. Anticipate about 100 people. Garage game Series.  Working with city on parking.  RADBA members expressed support.

Ice House Update—Matt Sprouse

  • RADBA Exec. Committee member/s met with City Council and other community and neighborhood groups to support tearing down the building

  • Taylor + Murphy’s contract begins Feb. 1 and it will come down soon

  • On Sunday afternoon Pattiy Torno smelled smoke in the building next to the labyrinth and peaked inside finding it lit on fire.  Called emergency services.

  • RiverLink is seuring the building


AARC Update—Pattiy Torno

  • Pattiy is the newly elected President of the River Distric Redevelopment Commission

  • Getting website up: AVLRiverfront.com

  • Working on Riverside Drive Strategic Plan (Mar-June 2013) to find the highest and best use for City property in the area between 14 Riverside Drive and Craven Street

  • RADTIP has been increased from 30% to 70%, a consulting team is being determined

  • Pushing for beautification and clean up from Amboy Rd. to Broadway

  • Meetings are open to the public: 2nd Thursday of each month from 4-5:30 p.m. on the 2nd floor of the Chamber of Commerce

New Belgium + City of Asheville Update—Trip Howell

  • RADBA offered letter of support at the City Council meeting on behalf of New Belgium and has been part of their Leadership Roundtable discussions since July 2012

  • City Council voted unanimously to approve the project with conditions:

    • City and New Belgium will invest $120,000 in bicyclist infrastructure on Haywood from Craven to Beechum’s Curve

    • Staff will explore trestle height to allow for 6” more and will explore turning radius at Craven and Riverside as part of RADTIP

    • Staff will STUDY one-way options on Roberts + Clingman


  • Extended RADTIP to look at trestle and this is incorporated into the plans by October 2013 the goal is to get engineering feasibility in place

  • New Belgium has a Construction mitigation plan and communication plan.  Deconstruction will start around end of February

  • Feedback: traffic is dominating the conversation and it’s unfortunate because New Belgium is doing great things in the neighborhood

OPEN HOUSE: March 7—New Belgium Open House—Save the Date, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Isis Restaurant + Music Hall

Artist Business Brainstorms

  • Susanne Hackett and Kitty Love have been planning one-on-one artist business brainstorms for the last 4 months with local business leaders/teachers.  They are sold out and valuable to artists.  AAAC wants to continue them.

  • They cost RADBA nothing, but allow RADBA to participate in supporting artists as business owners.

  • RADBA members attending support doing them for 6 more months.

  • Joanna Baker, FLS Energy volunteered to take over the scheduling and outreach process from Susanne and work with Kitty Love.

  • They will report back to the group in August.

RADA + RADBA Board to Board meeting needs to be scheduled


Member Business Updates:

White Duck

  • Busier in January than tourist season

  • Working on pizza restaurant at Pink Dog—Pizza Pura and it will open in April

City of Asheville

Asheville Design Center has a crew of design-build interns in AVL.  Is there anything we want them to build?  Contact: smonson@asheville.nc.gov

  • Kiosk at 5 points

  • Bus shelter on Phil Mechanic side of Craven

  • Bridges for the greenway