January Minutes 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Campbell at 4:02pm.

Treasurer’s Report: There’s a little over $9,000 in the bank account and we have about 30 members.

APD/Officer Sean Davis: There was a break in at White Duck Taco and three people that camp under the bridge could be suspects. Homeward Bound is working on checking the camps along the river. There has also been a huge uptick in graffiti. Three arrests have been made and one person will have dozens of charges.

RiverLink: Published a survey for potential names for the waterway that starts at Aston Park. Survey is up until February 20th and then it goes to council. Decision to be made in March.

RADTIP: Utility relocation is continuing through the summer. They are now working on the distribution poles around the area. They are working with the construction manager to get the schedule put together and they know there are key dates they need to work around for events that are happening. The five points roundabout may have construction delays w/flaggers. They are also doing utility relocation for Harry Pilos and another project. Last summer, there was talk about keeping the district vibrant during construction. There will be at meeting this Friday at 8:30am at the Wesley Grant Center to talk about the branding design. There will be a subcommittee to continue the discussions about signage, branding, etc.

NBB: Susanne had her baby! There will be another large event at New Belgium the weekend of May 20th so it will be a busy weekend for the district with the Studio Stroll being the same weekend. They will have conversations about the logistics and people in charge of the event will be here in a month.

Slidr: A free shuttle that takes people downtown to the RAD are currently not allowed to have advertising on the outside of their vehicles due to a city ordinance. They are going before council on the 14th to request for an amendment to the ordinance. RADBA to recommed city council to allow this. There was a motion authorizing RADPAC to draft a letter to city council. That motion was approved.

District Safety Discussion: There was a meeting with Jeff Moore to discuss athe pedestrian crossing on Roberts St. There were suggestions to have rumble strips put in, double yellow line down the road and a flashing LED light sign. The LED sign will cost $1300 and if we can come up with half of the funds to have this done, the City is willing to come up with the other half. There was a motion that RADBA puts $300 towards the sign to improve the pedestrian crossing and for that to be matched by members. That motion was approved.