January Minutes 2018

1.30.2018 Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Pattiy Torno, Helaine Greene, Andrea Kulish, Matt Sprouse, Garrett Artz, Stephanie Monson, Kathryn Adams, Dave Campbell, Joe Ransmeier, Matt Wallace, Brian Gompers Home Trust Bank, Darren Green

Motion to Approved November Minutes: Approved Helen Green and Joe Ransmire

Treasurers Report: Dave reported: 10,000. + 260 from New Belgium to WECAN from tips polled the week pre studio stroll… one new member: David LaFave of AltInvest Partners / Stoneyard

Neighborhood Update: N/A

City of Asheville Neighborhoods Update:

New Belgium Brewery Update:

Riverlink Update: Garrett Artz

-Top goal: Stream restoration

-Applying for funds for water treatment in the RAD

-City will support movement forward

-Earthday : Kids Earth Day April 21 : Activities for all the environmental activities

-Volunteer spaces available

-Partnering with New Belgium for River Fest and River Music this year.

RADA Update: MOU with the city, Poll Banners top on the list to help beautify the streets

-They will ask artists to help pay for the banners

-Possible sponsorship opportunities

-Wayfinding System

-Color coded with the map

-March 1st is approximate deadline

-RADA will offer financial support once it is clear what is needed

RADTIP MOU Representatives: who to call if you have questions!

RADBA: •Dave Campbell, Pattiy Torno, Darren Green Alternates: Kari Rinn, Wendy Whitson, Shelley Schenker

RADA: •Chalkley Matlack, Julie Bell, Andrea Kulish Alternates: Shelley Schenker, Pattiy Torno

City Of Asheville: •Stephanie Monson Dahl, Peter Sprague, Wendy Whitson Alternates: Darren Green

Clingman Streetscape Contact Renewal:

-$350 a month to be paid to Doug in one lump sum to keep clingman maintained

-Need schedule another meeting about beautification

RADTIP Update: $4.6 mil was accepted by the city from the Buncombe County TDA for the southern section of the RADTIP

DCLemmons@asheville.nc.gov is the contact for any questions here

You will start seeing road closures and construction.

-March & April you will see single lane closures around the trestle bridge.

-Electrical work on Lyman, Robert Street & West Haywood is Duke not COA.

Reminder issues a RFQ for a strategic tree plan for the RAD. this plan supplements it with native species.

Creation of piece of art to help educate people about the water shed and ecology in the area. Hosting a workshop April 5th with an artist Besty Damain, part of the duke water recourses grant. Contact Sara Henry for more information

Asheville Riverfront Redevelopment Commission application still open.

Artists Market Survey: FILL IT OUT! Affordable Artist housing.

Summer of Glass: Sponsorship packet attached.

Approved the following Statement for RADBA: "The River Arts District Business Association (RADBA) is a membership organization established to promote creative independent commerce in Asheville, North Carolina's River Arts District. Our organization is dedicated to diversity, innovation, and positive expression to promote our individual creative businesses. We aspire to be a safe space free of discrimination, harassment, abuse and any other factors that interfere with a healthy environment for our entrepreneurs and their clients!

Studio Stroll: November 10 & 11, 2018 only… no more May Strolls and brining back second Saturday …. Looking for brainstorming for a bigger better stroll !

Shelly is trying for a grant for second Saturdays!