July Minutes 2012

Monthly Membership Meeting—July 31, 2012

Glen Rock Depot Board Room, 372 Depot Street, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, August 28 at 4 p.m. in the FLS Energy Board Room

Meeting Items:

Approve Minutes to June 26 Meeting

Membership Dues are up for Renewal/ Membership Forms

Nominations for 2012-2013 Executive Committee

Future RADBA work – survey (monkey) topics

What should this membership focus on for long-range goals?

Send suggestions for survey questions by August 20 to Susanne Hackett, Secretary of the RADBA at PollinateCollaborations@gmail.com

Formation of Neighborhood Development Sub-Committee

NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT SUBCOMMITTEE: Ben Mixon, Hedy Fisher, Matt Sprouse, Joe Ransmier, Brian Lewis (volunteer)

Letter to Council on Clingman Ave Green the RAD

Depot St Parking and Sidewalk update – Plan from Matt Sprouse

Question: MHO building the Glen Rock Hotel, how will people be crossing there?

It will likely need to be addressed by MHO.  Suggests contacting MHO.

Roberts Street—same problem.  The City thinks that it’s close enough for them to go up to the round-about crosswalk.  Crossing there is very dangerous.

RADTIP will address that section of Roberts Street.  It is the emergency route out for New Belgium and that will be addressed.  Overtime there will be other types of road improvement.

We are in the middle of an area that is being redeveloped.  This area was built not for pedestrians.  We should form a Neighborhood Development Subcommittee to talk with the city and keep in touch.  Ben Mixon suggested talking with the city about a pedestrian master plan.  East of the Riverway (Steph Monson of the City is the project manager).  RADBA needs a body of people to interface with the city.

Doing a lot of traffic studies down here.

What about lowering speed limit on Depot Street?

New Belgium public meeting report – Tim Schaller

Many neighborhood and business association groups in attendance.


  • Traffic is not going to impact the RAD the way we thought it would.

  • First there’s city work, then New Belgium work and then simultaneous.

  • Cathy Ball from the City was in attendance.  The City is going to have specific contacts to call if there’s a problem and the city is going to have someone on site to monitor it.

  • City did this same thing with 51 Biltmore.  Created distribution lists to be in touch with people to give heads up about what’s going on and keep communication lines open with those living there and working there.

  • There will be times when we won’t be able to use the area due to construction.

  • They are starting infrastructure work.  Beginning grading the site after the 1st of the year.

  • Website for more info and feedback: www.NewBelgium.com/AshevilleBrewery

  • City of Asheville: updates on their part of the project as well

  • Question about pedestrian bridge, helping to avoid the tracks; fantasy project

RADA update – Daniel McClendon, RADA liaison

  • Executive boards are meeting once/quarter

  • Trying to decide if going the non-profit route is a good idea

  • Reorganizing and redefining the mission statement

  • Send survey to all River Arts District Artists as well, desire to work with RADBA

  • Second Saturdays—seem to be going fairly well, but there’s a lot of diversity as to how people operate.  Some like it and some do not.

Stormwater pipe burst on Clingman -Pattiy Torno

Bike Race feedback to Terry Wilson

French Broad Cycling Classic Marketing Director

Interested in feedback about the cycling event, want feedback for planning for next year’s event

  • Parking did not work, trying to work this out for next year

  • Cyclists loved riding the RAD

  • Looking at an alternate date in May (perhaps 2nd weekend or Memorial Day Weekend); July is difficult for everyone

  • LEAF usually falls on the 2nd weekend in May

  • Lots of clean up needed on the sidewalk (hay)

  • Would be good to have sandwich boards out for people to know what’s going on would be good to have around the area

  • More ways to make it spectator friendly

  • Lot of planning for next year in the works; want to stay in the RAD and want to work together to make it good for everyone

  • Public address system to have a few speakers around the course—did try to keep the noise in the morning on Sunday to a minimum to the residents in the area

  • Parking signs and volunteers to help let people know where to park

  • There’s a lot across from Dave Steel that we could use in the future

  • Great event, but parking is the main thing to consider for future—confusion about what was considered public parking

  • Lots of professional teams were here and kept the pace high

  • 1,050 race starts over the entire weekend (about 375 each day)

  • How can we help RAD businesses drive business?

  • Ideas?  Thoughts?  terry.l.wilson@att.net

RADFest @ Phil Mechanic Studios and Grey Eagle—Chase Hudson, Chall Sullivan

Saturday, August 25 at the Grey Eagle (550 capacity)


3-7 p.m. (all day)—at Phil Mechanic

7-9 p.m. Explore the RAD

9 p.m.—at Grey Eagle

  • Annual event for experimental local music scene

  • Intended to preserve local charm of the area

  • Seeking support from RADBA and suggestions

  • New to the area

  • Working with Susan Roderick to acquire funds and will give funds to Asheville GreenWorks for Green the RAD

  • Festival curated by different local artist every year

  • Chris Ballard, Headway Recordings is the curator (Izzy’s)

  • Collaborating with many folks in the area

  • Each artist gets a share from the event; artists can donate their share to Asheville GreenWorks

  • Interested in being a part of the community, wanting to create a platform

  • Mostly all musicians from Asheville; want to support area businesses

  • Ideas?  Suggestions?  Feedback?  twopeopleplayingmusic@gmail.com


 Office of Sustainability with City of Asheville—Laura

  • East of the Riverway

  • Received data from App State to collect information of community carbon use

  • Creating Community Energy Plan

    • Want Community engagement and involvement

    • Addressing residents and businesses

  • Hosting a series of focus groups

  • Sending out emails and gathering information

  • Important for funding and informing the process

River MUSIC Festival

Where are we on that?

Feedback that has been received—nowhere near the number of people they thought they would have, likely because of the weather

It’s been a non-issue

Biggest issue was people crossing the tracks; railroad is not happy

APD and Railroad worked together on the second to make sure that didn’t happen on the 2nd one

There were lots of NO Parking signs and it’s not very inviting as people come down here

The one coming up is a jazz event—that will draw a smaller crowd

Depot Street was dead during the event

The concern is that regulars will not come in when there’s a huge event with lots of traffic

WE CAN Neighborhood Association—Luke Perry

We are a residential community here in the RAD

  • Getting more active

  • Let’s work together

  • Possibly put someone on the Neighborhood Development Subcommittee