July Minutes 2013

Monthly Membership Meeting—July 30, 2013
FLS Energy Board Room, 130 Roberts Street, 4:00-5:00 p.m. Thank you FLS Energy!

Membership Update: 2013-2014 Dues deadline July 1, 2013
Membership Drive: tell your neighbors!

Items of Note:


Aug. 2 – Friday Asheville Design Center Bridge party!
Come see the new bridge! Under the Haywood Bridge. Its the last day of the project for the Students.

Aug 25 Asheville Greenworks Open House “Root Ball”

Kitchen Ready Mark Rosenstien! free wine beer brandy

6:30-9:30 318 Riverside Dr.

Asheville Affiliates Sponsored, Smoky Park Supper Club – $20-25 donation

– Odyssey raised the $20k indie gogo campaign! Congrats and thanks to RADBA members,  Link’d Video for helping with the video for the campaign.

– RADBATS Report on how to spend RADBA funds below.



Meeting Items:

Approve Minutes to July Meeting



Asheville Design Center:  Chris Joyell Bridge update

Design Build Studio: Bridge project: Design, create, test, build a project for Students from all over the county

– Friday Aug. 2 is the last day of the project for the Students

– Come see the bridge! We are invited Bridge party this Friday, under the Haywood Bridge

– Thanks to RADBA and supportive community

– ADC – Raised 40k total for the project

– Steel beams donated

– Discount on gravel

– Many volunteers,  Shawn Oldem steel work

Where we are with the bridge?

– Friday is the last day

– Footers for the bridge – City submitted encroachment agreement we are waiting on approval from the DOT

– They are constructing the bridge under the Haywood Rd

– Students will come back once the footers are in place to put on the bridge

Why are they building a bridge across the river?

– Wilma Dykeman Greenway is coming and we need a way to cross the river

–      Everyone can enjoy the greenway, we want to help expand it

–      Community input to create the design

–      Will also eventually need a crossing by 12 bones and nasty branch

– Arrival to the River Arts Distcrict on the Greenway

– This bridge is 40ft


Treasurer’s Report

– 18 paid members

– goal 38 – 2013-2014

– 14 potential

– $100 to join, please


RADBATS – RADBA Treasurer Subcommittee Report


How do we spend the RADBA funds?  Used RADBA by laws to suggest budget

–       40% Allocated to Promotion & Marketing

–       30% goes to Infrastructure (RADPAC)

–       10% goes to political work

–       20% goes to Savings / Rainy Day Fund / Administrative Expense

– July 1 we should know how much money we have to spend. We are hoping by planning how we spending money we can better serve out membership.

– Treasurer should be kept up to date on amounts spent by the committees

– By the end of September, we will know if we need to adjust the percentages.

– The percentages are flexible with time, they can change later, this is an outline

– Motion to create a promotions and marketing sub committees

August meeting – the committee will present recommendations.


RADPAC Update, Darren Green

– Went to Greenway presentation: Town Branch (historic) & Clingman Forrest (art oriented)

–       Smart plan, great community involvement, this will be great for us

–       Connector is Depot St.


Eric Bradford, Asheville Greenworks

Green the RAD present

–       Cleaning the Town Branch River

–       Clingman Corridor

–       cutting grass

–       Greenworks will be getting our feedback on what we want to do to beautify the RAD via survey next month

–       Matt – When we lost the maintenance of the clingman street by the city, the community came together to keep the weeds and litter under control

–       Aug 25 “Root Ball” 318 Riverside Dr. Kitchen Ready Mark rosentien free wine beer brandy  6:30-9:30 Asheville Affiliates Open house Smoky Park Supper Club – $20-25


Member initiated topics/ roundtable

– RADBA Welcomes new member Barbara Zuresky  – Cotton Mill

–      Check out the new Gallery Moogan, Ceramics, Pastries open every 10-4:00 everyday but Sunday,

–      Cynthia was the baker at the City Market and Market Place.

– Hello to Kitty Love, AAAC!

– Tim  suggests collecting a list of  who’s open and Who’s not  in the RAD

–  There are some studio hours listed on ashevillerad.com click “visit” link

– Hello to David Matts – visiting us today

– Pattiy asked Kitty if we could move the meetings to the AAAC she said yes. We might move the meetings from FLS to the Arts council to allow more time to talk at the end.

– Safety – Someone through a brick thru the window at Clingman Café – 10pm

– Car got broken into – lock your cars

– Rash of tagging – graffiti–       Clean your building as soon as possible if it gets grafiitii – getting it off in 48 hours,  Check out the  “Downtown Social issues Task force” for more information about how to respond to grafitti

– Green opportunities is going to take on the – “Graffiti task force” as a business incubator, Asheville Greenworks will no longer be doing that service for the community.

– Report crimes to CRO –

– Reminder about the AAAC – 11-12:00 – Every Friday RADBA Business Brainstorming Sessions

– Odyssey raised the $20k indie gogo campaign! Congrats and thanks to RADBA members,  Link’d Video for helping with the video for the campaign.