March Minutes 2013

Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes—March 26, 2013

FLS Energy Board Room, 130 Roberts Street, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

sic Fest—Karen Cragnolin, RiverLink

RiverMUSIC starts on May 24.  Gates open at 5PM.  Alcohol stops at 9:30, everyone out at 10PM. 

            May 24, StephaniesID
            June 14, David Mayfield Parade
            July 12, GED Soul Records Showcase
            August 23, Town Mountain
            Sept 13. Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown

If you are a restaurant and want to offer a special on these days, let David know and he can get the word out.

 Parking – same as last year.  Pattiy: parking an issue, negative messaging.  Wish there could be a more positive approach.  Tim: the parking is going to be a bigger issue this year.  Restaurant, hair salon.  RL :  have a volunteer manning the parking lots, 

 6 police officers are here.  1 to watch the railroad tracks. 

 AARRC Update – Pattiy Torno

April 11th meeting: John Gerber, NC Coordinator for the national flood insurance program. 

  • Flood Insurance rates are going up.  He’s going to give us an overview.  Flood Risk information system.  Buncombe County will be assessed.  All good news and intense.

  •  If there is a rep from RADBA that would like to come to that meeting, glean info, present back to group?  April 11th 4PM, 2nd flr board room, Chamber of Commerce.  Who can be a RADBA rep and report back?  Darren Greene volunteered to attend.

  • Tim Schaller: Paynes Way officially created (the dirt “road” between the back of the Wedge building and the railroad tracks).


2013-2014 RADBA Executive Committee—ByLaws Discussion

There was a discussion to have the executive committee sign on for another year.  That was left undetermined.

The proposal is to stay on for 3 years.  Structure:  now, voted off and new comes on.  Doesn’t make sense.  What is the wording on the 3 part term?  More continuity on the board.  Elect, Pres and past pres?  Nominations in April, voting in May.  Thoughts about the 2 and 2 or the rotating 3? 

  • David Lookingbill: 3 is good, person who keeps the books isn’t as important.

  • Joe: his hesitation does take a longer commitment. If someone does want to serve, but can’t comit for 3 years, can someone get out if they need to? 

  • Susan: small enough group that we don’t have to be absolute.

  • Pattiy: would help for continuity.  Not switch everyone all the time.

  • Enter into the leadership with 3 years in mind.  The 2nd year is the “slammed year.” 

  • MATT: elect, pres, past: still need someone to take notes, someone to keep the books. 

  • PATTIY – no termlimits on secretary or treasure

  • Brian with Odyssey: the term of president could be extended another year.

  • MATT: Asheville AIA has this system.  He can review their bylaws.

  • We will write it up and vote on it April. 

  • Nominate in April– elect in May– June month to get caught up– July to take charge. 

 RAD Design and Planning Advisory Sub-Committee

MATT:  committee from RADBA about design and planning.  Lots of stuff happening: renovation, new development.  We as  a group have a lot of opinions and should be able to voice their opinions. Our group could look at the plans. 

  • TIM: City is looking at places for tax revenue.  RAD doesn’t have everything the downtown has.  It’d be great to give input on what we want down here.  Tim recommends that we pull it together first, the get with Stephanie and Alice in WAVL group as to what they did.  Get pulse and then go to committee. All working in parallel with what’s currently happening in the city. 

  • MATT:  Committee could go to ARC.  We can give recommendations to the city group or whomever. To have a sub-committee would be a great step in RADBA organization.  We’ve done it with the Roberts Street sidewalk. 

  • MARSHA: gives the planners someone to suggest to tell developers to come talk to.  Organized vs. unorganized neighborhoods, it helps communications between neighborhoods and developers.

  • MATT:  It’s design review and planning review.  WECAN is in the middle of their plan, and we need to think about that. 2 greenways being planned coming down here.  Riverside drive, up kudzu hill. 

  • STEPHANIE: Let’s go with this because she has 3 items to talk to this proposed sub committee about. 

  • Tim: he wants to serve this committee and he wants to step down from his VP role. 

  • MATT: let’s get the RAD map on the site.  Then an “influence” ring.

  • PATTIY: long range issues like parking.  Really broad scale things that we can influence

  • Stephanie: will check on the parking study that the city did.

  • MARSHA: this group is influential and the city sees RADBA as this.  We can define what that relationship looks like. 

Post-meeting Tour of Wedge Building