March Minutes 2019

 RADBA Meeting Agenda March 26, 2019

Call to Order Self-Intro and Sign-In by all present Pattiy Torno, Darren Green, Stuart Hough, Joseph Fansmeier, Jim Morgan, Tim Schaller, Michael Craft, Matt Wallace, Matt Sprouse, Dave Campbell, Lauren Turpin, Stefanie Gerber, Sara Henry, Helaine Green, Kelly Klope, Kathryn Adams

Motion to Approve Minutes from last meeting // Approved

Treasurer’s Report Pattiy Torno (RADBA Treasurer / Owner Curve Studios)

10,300 in bank // 1050 allocated already // Dues in July

RADPAC Report Tim Schaller (Committee Chair / Owner Wedge Brewery)

Nothing from RADPAC, Riverfront commission gave RADVEIW thumbs up, convo about parking / transportation

Jim/Stoneyard update: project is moving forward // hope to start project mid summer 

Neighborhood Update Officer Justin Wilson (Community Resource Officer) 828-450-3719 City of Asheville

-Addresses Joes concerns about old dave steel property, gate has been lockedup.  Development (just people on the property) should be happening within the next couple months.

-2 outdoor sheds broken into: Fresh West and Curve studios (Curve: stole bike and chopsaw, Bike was found at Asheville Mall! )

-Parking boxes are getting broken into

-Mountain Engery and Asheville waste paper were broken into.

-408 depot street someone cracked a window (they have a picture of man in an eagle vest)       **Please call Justin if you see the person in the eagle vest.   

-Decent amount of property crime in the last few weeks hopefully be influential with more officers down in the area in the next month. 

-Pleb had kids climb up on the roof.

Request to have more units patrolling through the foundation

** Form no trespass letter (PFD attached) Dave (Allegra) also volunteered extra signs he has made

 RADTIP Update Sara Henry (Economic Development Specialist / Strategic Development Office)

Yes there is traffic on Riverside drive they are currently pouring the curb

1 Water Outage on the 3rd Pressure cold be impacted. 

Kelly Klope with The Asheville Fire Department//  Fire station is being built on the north end at 5 points

Sign up for AVL Alert Locate on City of Asheville Website

Public works new director Amy and Kelly are going to get together to talk about how to alert during flooding

 NBB Update Mike Craft (Marketing Director, Community Liason – or other worthy title)

-Piano keys stout release. 

-WNC For the Planet kicks off this Sunday: Haywood cleanup from ZIA to New Belguim

-Another show announced in conjunction with the Orange Peel: John Butler Trio

 RiverLink Update Garrett Artz (RiverLink Exec. Director) –

Pattiy Update: ^ Watershed study letter of support from RADBA

Joe Ramsimire : RiverLink has had a lot more graffiti

RADA Update Nadine Charleson (RADA President)

Not present

 Old Business Kudzu Goats – Joe Ransmeier

  • Meet with Asheville Greenworks Eric and Goat Business it would take a long term plan before goat investment would make sense

  • Community involvement to ‘hack kudzu’ on Sundays (See Attached Flyer)

  • WECAN Garden club meets at the Bike Fixit station on the Round able on clingman April 7th @ 5:00 *Bring your own tools //saws and machetes ***See Attached Poster Below

 One Neighborhood – Leaf EaselRider – Lauri Nichols Banners

Leaf EaselRider: Point person will be Lauri Nichols

Curve is donating a day 300 , Matt Sprouse is donating a day 300  Tabled for now.  

 Pattiy Torno –

Banner Program: New Banners will be added soon

Pattiy Torno New Business

Proposed RADBA Nominations Stefanie Gerber at co VP

Board Boundaries Issues – Pattiy Torno

Banner program has brought up the boundaries of the River Arts District // Idea to use the what the city justifies zoing code as the River Arts District

Language suggestion on not creating different areas of the River Arts District like SORAD and NORAD

Using the name River Arts District instead of RAD : Use entrance areas to state where you are located

Tim Schaller New Business // Foundation is looking at the group ad for a video that is played in a 30 minute loop commercial in 18 hotels currently // Tim to send out info

Pleb wine release: April 13 & 13 new wines

NCGC Featured Artist reception April 13th

April Meeting will be at Pléb – please get there early if you want a drink – that way the owners can participate in the meeting!

May Meeting Tentatively @ New Belgium