May Minutes 2011

Pass around sign in sheet (name, email, business)

Attending: Tim Schaller (Wedge), Matt Sprouse (SiteWorks Studio), Susanne Hackett (Mountain Housing Opportunities and Pollinate Collaborations), Chall Gray (The Magnetic Field), Jenny Greer (SoundMind Media), Christopher Holt (Fine Arts League), Tanya Triber (The Junction), John Bryant (Hatchery Studios),  Hedy Fischer and Randy Schull (Pink Dog Creative), Tony Beurskens (Green Opportunities), Graham Hackett (Asheville Area Arts Council), Dan West (property owner), Eileen Black (Cotton Mill Studios), Barbara Zaresky (Cloth Fiber Workshop),  Helaine Greene (Riverview Station), Brian McCarthy (Odyssey and Highwater Clays), Wendy Whitson, John Davis, Matt Wallace (Roberts/Queen St), Darren Green (Old Wood Co), Matt Parris (Roots Studios/Roots Cafe), Pattiy Torno (Curve Studio); Susan Roderick (Asheville Green Works)

I. Welcome and Introduction, Tim Schaller–Wedge Brewery and Matt Sprouse, SiteWorks Studios

Why is this needed? Need: Alan Glines, City Planner, called and asked to speak to the RAD Business Association today.  There is a need for representation of the business community.

To compliment the Artist Association, but to show needs of the stakeholders in the neighborhood.

The City wants a common voice, consensus voice.  This got together 6 years ago and fizzled out.  Trying to pick it back up now that businesses in the RAD are expanding.  If monies come to the area, we have a voice as a group and more power by coming together.

Need more voices in this mission and goals.

II.                Mission and Goals

Group agrees that the statement and goals are strong.

Where will the membership dues go?  The group can decide where it goes–perhaps it goes to youth in the neighborhood.

Question: do we want to add property owners to the statement

Agreed: add “Property Owners” to the mission statement

Randy S.: Likes that the business association is different from the artist association.

Chall G.: if someone who owns a house down here are they able to be a member?

Tim S.: open to feedback about how we do that.  Does living in the RAD constitute a vote?

Hedy F.: that would be more of a neighborhood organization.  Perhaps we can list as commercial property owners.

?: like Downtown Association, are we going to be like them?

Matt S.: we hope that this organization will help shape what form this district takes.  With downtown, you have DTA and DARN, and this seems a lot more like the DTA–it’s business driven.  We do have many people living where they’re working down here.  I think our line needs to be just businesses.

Helen: perhaps we could have associate memberships, where they don’t get votes, but they can attend, etc.

Tim: need to have overlap with RDA.

Brian Mc: what is the perimeter of the RAD?

Matt S.: we have a map in mind but we’ll have to negotiate it.

Pattiy T.: there was a map done of what constitutes is the RAD.  We will need to run it by City gov. if we want it differnt than that.

Matt S.: Amboy/Lyman to Craven St. bridge to Depot and Clingman–its already pretty much defined

Matt P.: are there any overarching principles or guides that we will agree on?

Tim S.: that’s a good start.  Then, let’s decide what we will handle.  There’s lots of issues, but if we agree on the mission statement, then we go from there.  Did you have more to add?

Matt P.: no, totally valid format.  Do we have specific things…that’s what will come to light.

Pattiy T.: the city really likes having an organization to go to so they don’t sift through however many people…creating another entity that represents the RAD strengthens our clout.

Matt S.: provided example of a time when city was looking for a voice from the RAD, re: traffic, etc.  We really need this voice ASAP.

Pattiy T.: Asheville River District redev commissioner–they want to know what we want in the RAD.  Live/work housing is one thing that came out.  Would like to have a forum, if someone gets a question, they can go to the group with the question.

III.             Membership

$100/month year, opening up conversation about association fees.

IV.             Officers

More to come

V.                Schedule Next Meeting, Agenda Items

Tim S.: suggested agenda items–Food carts are one issue on the table, what does everyone think?  Parking is an issue. Crime/graffiti.  Establishing a relationship with the railroad.

Does anyone need more out of this meeting at this point?

Randy S.: brief show of hands for those who are interested.  Everyone raised hand.

Tim S.: Provide email on the sheet and we’ll get in touch re: membership

Matt. S.: establish the next meeting

Chall G.: offers the Magnetic Field to host meetings

Tim S.: perhaps the Grey Eagle could host a meeting as well.

Membership Dues ($100) –bring check books to the next meeting.

JUNE 20, 2011 @ 4 p.m. @ The Magnetic Field