May Minutes 2014

RADBA Meeting Notes –  5-27-2014

1. Pattiy on the results from the speed check that was set up on Roberts Street

Evan Coward will be with us and will update about break ins etc that have been happening
– Average Vehicle Count See data here (Pattiy to send file)
– Results people not speeding in the rad (speeding is over 10 miles over)
– Thanks Pattiy

Police Report – (Community Resource officer) Break ins –

1. Slashed tires (Jonas’s Van)
2. 33 Jefferson Dr. Smashed car window –
3. Pattiy’s studio broken into
Took money, medium size t’shirt, $4000 Jewelry stolen Mary Timmer, quiet break in APD – looked at their lighting and made some suggestions
4. Drunk driving incidents
5. more people living on river front (tents)
If you see someone camping call the non-emergency number 828-777-4505. They have 7 days to move, the city gives them information about other safe places.

if you have an issue you can email him or call
non emergencies – 828-777-4505
emergencies call 252-1110


2. RiverFest Discussion – Karen
– RiverMusic May 30 starts friday – 5 free concerts –
– 10am put in at Hominy Valley
– 12 Lunch – Kids Parade – Huge puppets – River creatures: bikes jugglers, face painters, Hula Hoopers (Plank Eye Peggy,
– 2-3:00 Beer Music food trucks – Family day  Ashley Heath later afternoon
– They want to move it where the Performance plaza in the river arts
– They think it would be better for
– 3 trollies,West Asheville, Downtown – Promoting these in radio and print ads

Parking – – 1500, 2000 people –
Launching 100 boats
Friday Night – Approved with city – for River Music not River Fest
– The lot is not a officially a park owned by the city, it a vacant land – open parcels no infrastructure. Difficult to use for vacant unprogrammed land RiverLink would reseed and clean up the land.
– They have to pay fees for the land
– City has an application
– Is this a city co-sponsored event?
Q:  How quickly could we see a parking and safety plan? They are working on it.
Parking, Traffic, Interruption of business/commerce

Q: What’s next? A: City needs buy in – How do we get that buy in? RADBA would like to have a creative conversation about what event will work.

RiverLink – They will move it back to French Broad River park.

3. Depot St parking discussion
Tim – City trying to get Railroad to put a sidewalk down the train side of depot side of the street. Their was a new person hired at the railroad.
• RADPAC meeting with Ken Putnam and Cathy – City now knows what RADBA is working on.
• Outcome/ future of depot St parking
We’d also like the added parking extended lot – to have a cross walk you have to have 2 handicapped parking lot
• RADBA relationship with RR – We would like to continue to reach out to the railroad as a part of our neighborhood community. RADBA wants to work on our own relationship with the railroad outside of the city’s. Make friends with Northfork Southern.
4. Nominations and elections
• Reminder of terms and offices from by-laws
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• President elect

5. June stroll
• Banner
• Parking at Dave steel? – Dave Steel parking lot for the stroll – RADBA will pay for the insurance in the parking lot

6. RADBA Clingman ave cleanup – Work day June 8 – 9am – 12pm
• Weeding in median – Soluble round-up
• Work day Sunday, June 8 – 9am – 12pm
– Asheville Greenworks did hire someone to mow.
FLS will give a donation

7. Steph Monson

She gives us a thank you form the chamber

– Zoning regulation is bad for the river development
• Form based code – looks at character of the neighborhood – does market study, worries less about what the code allows, my building what am I allowed to do here? What do we want here. Core of west asheville just did it
We have identified a problem with the zoning of River Arts district. We want better zoning and building regulations that help our community grow.
Form-based code looks at the architecture of the area to keep the character – not just highest and best use also the character of the zoning.
Sample conversations: What experience do we want? What will allow that development that will allow that to happen? Do we want big box stores?

– Ex. Asheville Downtown –
Asheville River front Commission – Patty is the chair and the commission recommends –  it so it will happen.

Planning and design
• Schedule for rfp
• Duration of study – 6-9 month – process –  need us to decide to do it.
– November there could be public meetings – public hearing to see draft late in 2014
• Community involvement needed – Starts July 1, RADBA will know
• Gives guidelines – Helps designers, planners and developers know how to review what the community wants.
– Prohibits things we don’t want
• RADPAC Wednesday tailgate market – Montford Park Farmers Market moving to the Asheville Pizza place All Souls Pizza

8. June meeting party