May Minutes 2018


Call to order: 4:07 Dave Campbell

Members Present: Dave Campbell, Darren Green, Shelly Schenker, Tim Schaller, Katie Rotanz, Casey Nifong, Matt sprouse, Brian Gompers, Pattiy Torno, Jim Morgan, Kari Rinn, Joe Ransmeier, Mike Craft, Garret Artz, Wendy Whitson, Matt Wallace

Others present: Justin Wilson, Sara Henry

Intros April minutes: motion to table minute approval pending minutes being sent out. Treasurer report $9200 in account. Check sent to Yancey for greenway maintainence $700. Justin: shooting on April 21st. gentlemen self-inflicted gunshot wound. A few fights at Greens mini mart, upping patrol, 372 Depot unlocked car b &e. Only 1 shoplifting in the past month, looking for merch and personal belongings like purses. Phil Mechanic had large piece stolen off the wall.

2 heroin overdoses- one at New Belgium, one at 14 Riverside Dr. both have lived. New White Duck, rest room broken into.

Graffiti at Jonas Gerard. Building across from Allegra, 95 Roberts St., people entering building is a continual issue.

City of Asheville neighborhood update:

New Belgium Brewery- hosted sour symposium last weekend, Summer of Glass event Sat. 6/2 in Brew house 4p-8p, 6/8 River Music 5pm, Greenway work day 6/10, less world cup this yearonly semifinals and finals. Continuing work on the waste water treatment facility, nearing the end of phase two of three.

Riverlink update: River Music 6/8 5-9:30p at New Belgium, fundraising- experience (river Music and river access), learn (K-12 program) and conserve (beginning the process to transform Karen Gragnolen park). Accredited land trust with no minimum. Be a part and support their work!

RADA update: Promoting second Saturdays, banners going up in district.

RADTIP update: Riparian plan meeting at the Wedge 5.30.18 5-7pm, trash trout being designed to collect trash from the river at Craven and Emma. Greenworks will own and clean the sculpture.

Construction updates- Trussell bridge still one lane, rain creating delays, traffic at Craven & Riverside an issue at 5pm.

NC glass in 14 Riverside Dr as of today

June 19th and at Riverfront commission for update on affordable housing.

Homeless camp discussion Thursday June 7th 3:30-5, Conference room at the municipal building (police and fire department building), Greenway committee meeting.

New business MOU signage: Signarama working on install, still in process, about 35 of 114 in place.

Summer of Glass update: History exhibit opens at 14 Riverside Dr June 2nd, 12p-4p. Exhibit will be open Thur, Fri & Sat 11a-5p. There is a need for volunteers to staff Thursday and Fridays, 3- hour shifts. VIP tours will occur once each month July, August, September, lots of details at

Kick-off weekend June 1-3rd. Downtown gallery openings Friday evening 6/1 from 5p-8p, History exhibit opening 6/2 12p-4p, Kick-off party at New Belgium brewery 4p-8p, all free and open to the public.

Please consider volunteering at 14 Riverside Dr to help share the history and the River Arts district with as many people as we can reach together. All Gray Line trolley tours for the summer will feature the Summer of Glass.


Tuesday June 26th at 4-6p, Grey Eagle for annual meeting social and membership drive. Suggestion for mailing for outreach. Possibly budget $400. Darren heading effort. Dave will take care of printing, will need $100 for postage. Need for associate membership outlined? Get a drink on us if you signup today.

RADBA board nominations:

Pattiy nominated for treasurer by Dave, second Mike Craft, all in favor- unanimous. Kari nomination by Shelly Schenker to be president elect, unanimous vote. Nomination for secretary: tabled until next official meeting Send emails for potential RADBA members to Pattiy for outreach. Need for boundary discussion to detail who may be included, from offramp on Amboy up to Broadway. Add to future agenda. Associate members could bring in good skillsets.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15p