Call To Order / President Darren Green

Approval of Minutes from October 28/request for motion

Self-Intro by those present / Sign-in

Member of the Month /Joe Ransmeier/ $25 gift certificate Bull & Beggar

Treasurer’s Update / Matt Sprouse for Jenny Lumb

RADPAC Update / Darren Green: report on meeting with Steph Munson. Announcement of new Beautification Committee.

AAARC / Form-Based Code Update / Matt Sprouse & Pattiy Torno

New Belgium Brewery Update / Suzanne Hackett or Darren Green

City Of Asheville Update / Marsha Stickford

Community Update / Ofc. Sean Davis

Old Business

New Business:  Hot Chocolate 10K run,   Lyman/Amboy street closing,  and Tim Grotenhuis