November Minutes 2012

Tuesday, Nov 27 @ 4pm at the FLS Energy Boardroom

NO DECEMBER MEETING, NEXT MEETING: JANUARY 22, 2013  January 29, 2013 at 4 p.m.

Meeting Minutes from last meeting—Tripp Howell motioned to approve minutes, it was seconded

Asheville Hot Chocolate 10K (scheduled for 1.26.13) – Tim and Leslie Grotenhuis

6th annual Hot Chocolate 10K—Saturday, January 26

Heads up: Partial street closure (for safety reasons) from Curve near 12 Bones to Amboy Road bridge (approximate 8:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, January 26)

  • Bring busloads of spectators to the RAD all morning Saturday morning

  • Last year at 1000 runners, shooting for 1200 this year

  • This is the location where runners are going out and coming back at the same time, which is why it’s important to close down the street

  • The City has gotten more refined for events like this; doing Delta alert call to go to folks along the route to give them a heads up

  • Suggestion: Come to us in September to do more preparation with artists who might be holding events during that time—it’s a difficult place to close off

  • Starts at Isaac Dickson, down Hill St., to Riverside, to Lyman, across Amboy Bridge, through Carrier Park, loop back and into the lower parking lot of the school

3.       Asheville Citizen Times Marathon—Greg Duff (not in attendance

  1.        4.Change in noise ordinance – Alan Glines


  • Reason to Look at Noise Ordinance:::Alan works with downtown commission—issue that a restaurants received a noise complaint because they had an outdoor speaker associated with outdoor patio, but other places like music stores, etc. are permitted to have doors open and music playing—in past NO, this was not allowed.

  • Not necessary for zoning code to cover things like this.

  • Noise Ordinance: reasonable person standing, officer responding and determine if the noise is problematic—really to address noise in residential areas

  • They created a nighttime period (11 p.m.-7 a.m.)—yelling, shouting, loud parties.  This is being dealt with in residential areas, but in business districts and downtown area this has not yet been addressed.

  • RAD is a community that interacts with each other (residents and businesses), so it may not be as large of a problem as it is downtown and some of the challenges we hearing about along Haywood Rd.

  • Council members stated that this is a commercial business district, and need to consider that

MOTION:  Pattiy Torno moves to support the change to the UDO to remove the ban on outdoor speakers in the River District.  Seconded.  Approved by RADBA members in attendance.

5.       Ice Plant updates – what happened and how it is being resolved

  • WECAN, RADA, RADBA sent a joint letter to the City, Council, and City Manager—we need action from the City to secure the property

  • Robert Griffin response: “The City is under contract to purchase the property.”  They are evaluating options of what to do with the property: secure or tear down to make it safe.

  • When this was sent, the City was already in process of getting an option on this property—since August.  It has not closed yet due to title issues and legal language that needs to be more specific before closing.

  • Expected to close in early December 2012.

  • Why is the City buying it?  The property includes the building as well as that it includes the Wilma Dykeman property right of way.  They are also spending a lot of money sending first responders to the property.  It’s not safe for the city.

  • The City is putting a policy in place for when a landlord is delinquent with their property.  It is not prepared yet.

  • Evan-send any concerns about buildings that are not being cared for

  • RADBA members identified these buildings as concerns: Remnants of the Cottonmill and Days Warehouse on Riverside near Old Lyman

  • WELL DONE: Neighborhood pulled together to write this letter.  The City needs to be commended for their response.  The City commends neighborhoods for coming together to take action and express join concern.  It encourages the City to be more proactive.

  • The police are making efforts to help the folks living in the Ice House to connect with resources in the community.  We are giving them resources and the time to do that.

  • The City feels really good to work together with the neighborhoods.  Even when the news pressed, we stayed together as a team to make sure things happened.

  • Luke Perry and Pattiy Torno did a great job on the letter and taking the initiative for the many meetings and emails to get this together.

  • The City feels it’s a huge deal to have these organized groups here, to take collective action

6.       Tax meeting IN4M #1 – Dec 5 at AAAC – Pattiy T.

  • Property Tax Valuation discussion with Gary Roberts, Buncombe County Tax Director: What makes property values change?

  • This Inforum (IN4M) is the first in a series to provide education and resources around maintain Creative independent commerce

  • For example: New Belgium (because of the tax incentives) will not have any impact on the business property values in the RAD (raising them)

MOTION: Joseph Ransmier motions to give $100 to rent space at AAAC for the meeting rental space.  Seconded. Approved.

  • Other topics might include: How to communicate with APD and 911?

  • Is the Grant Center available to use for meetings? Marsha says maybe yes.

  • Acoustics are challenging.  But for 300 people, it would be good.

  • West Asheville Masonic Lodge basement is another possibility—just charge for utilities for use.  Contact Smith McAulay—337-1957 (100-150 capacity)

7.       RAD TIP Presentation—Grant Center, December 6 4-7 p.m.

  • This is an important drop-in meeting

  • If they receive money to build it, what is shared on December 6 is likely what will happen (between Hill Street and Amboy)

  • This will affect us all, particularly if you’re on Riverside or Lyman

  • $25 million project—not sure how it’s going to get paid for

8.       Robert Street pedestrian improvements – introduction – Matt S. and Pattiy T.

  • Depot Street sidewalk improvements will happen next Fiscal Year (FY)

  • What’s the next thing we can do down here to improve pedestrian safety, parking, etc.?

  • Roberts Street (section between 5 points and round about)—people go very fast, not safe, parking up Roberts on Dave Steels curb, and want to start taking a look at this

  • Where should we focus?  Suggest starting where Wedge comes to a Wedge and go to where it curves and look at that as Phase I to:

    • Aid in pedestrian crossing

    • Bulb out around the poles, narrow the road and allow a mid-way crossing

    • There is not a survey yet—need to have a survey to make decisions ABTech professor who may be able to help out

    • Does RADBA want to pay about $500 to do this survey?

    • Ask RADA to split the fee, as well as other associations

    • Matt and Pattiy will give presentation at RADA meeting to check in on this.

Joe Ransmier, motion to adjourn. Seconded.  Approved.