November Minutes 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Campbell at 4:04pm.
The minutes from the October 2016 Meeting were approved with no corrections.
Treasurer’s Report: Very little has changed since last month (approx $9000) with RADA adding is official membership.
It was moved and approved that RADBA should officially become Associate Members of RADA in return – and
that we go back to the system of co-memberships being understood without the need to write checks.
APD/Officer Sean Davis: Roots reported a robbery on 11/7. The Wedge reported vandalism (rock thrown
through a window) on 10/31. Bonitz reported an attempted robbery on 10/31. Curve reported a tent dweller
on the riverbanks under the Craven St. Bridge. Officer Davis requested that all vagrants be reported in order to
get the homeless in shelters during inclement weather. There have been a smattering of car break-ins within the
City of Asheville/Marsha: Upcoming workshops to be held on December 6 & 7 will discuss the CoA Comprehensive
Plan that will help guide the City in policy making in the future. Public participation is encouraged. Jeff
Moore from the CoA transportation dept. came for feedback on the suggestion to post speed limit of 20 MPH
on the District end of Depot Street (there are no posted speed limits at this time). This idea was met with overall
enthusiasm and it was further suggested that our Depot St. Businesses write a letter the city in support of the
20MPH posting.
NBB: NBB would like feedback sent in regards to the Halloween event that they sponsored – how the rolling road
closures affected businesses.
RiverLink Update: Work has begun and grants are being applied to the Clean Water Management Trust Fund to
fund stream restoration projects on the four streams. This will improve the water quality and make the streams
able to carry more water volume in a storm. This will be a collaborative effort between the City and RADTIP and
RiverLink. Also the planning has begun for the programming (including River Music) of the 2017 year – there
will be fewer events due to the unknown conditions of construction. Lastly, there is a Creek Naming process
underway for the creek that runs behind Odyssey, underground and out by 14 Riverside Dr. – Any suggestions
for a name for this creek should be sent to Dave Russell at RiverLink along with 3-4 sentence reason why the
name suggestion (Pattiy will follow up on sending this info to our Membership and Shelley will send this info to
RADTIP Update: Sara Henry reported that the Business Kit images should be emailed out before Christmas.
Dustin Clemens is the CoA administrator of all the Tiger 6 funding projects. The RADTIP office asks all businesses
to submit any calendar issues that would impact the construction schedule in writing to their office asap.
Stephani Dahl reported that the Leadership Round-table, now being lead by the CoA is forming its new membership
which will include leaders of neighborhood organizations, but also large stakeholders. The next Leadership
Round-table will be held on Dec 16 @8:30am at NBB. Be notified that a 40’ long section of riverfront property
is scheduled for tree removal of some 5-7 “significant” trees in order to put a river access boat ramp near
the Craven Street Bridge – trees are now being marked with ribbons so that the public can see which are to be
removed and address any concerns before they come down.
New Business: Matt Sprouse gave an update on the RAD Lofts, including many changes to the original plans (8
fewer units, 1 less story, no office use, additional 32 parking spaces) this scope of change has required the project
to reapply for permits with the CoA – earliest guesstimates on start date would be late spring/early summer.
Notes on the Stoneyard Property – it is slated for redevelopment. A long term lease has been signed – the leasers
will renovate the coal/ice building to house offices, residential units and public parking. There will be multiple
buildings at the current 60’ height limit.
Question posed by Pattiy Torno of Curve Studios as to the renaming of the small road that will be created in
front of her buildings once the redevelopment project moves Riverside to the west side of 14 Riverside. They
would like to name that road “River Arts Row” and asked if there were any objections.
City reported there is no finalization of the Form Based Code.
Adjourn: 5:13pm