November Minutes 2017

RADBA Meeting Agenda

November 28, 2017

Call to Order/President

Self-Intro and Sign-In by all present: Shelly Schenker, Suzanne Moore, Wendy Whitson, Mike Craft, Pattiy Torno, Helaine Greene, Darren Green, Joe Sasfy, Brian Gompers, Matt Wallace

Others: Sarah Beasley, Justin Wilson, Kelly Klope-Asheville Fire Dept., Sara Henry

Motion to Approve October Minutes: Helaine, second Wendy

Treasurer’s Report: Jenny Lumb- Question about membership renewals. Is everyone up to date? Send invoices? Outreach tool.

Neighborhood Update: Officer Justin Wilson – 828-450-3719 Vandalism- happening, one offender caught. Lock your cars at the Wedge! stats

Kelly Klope- neighborhood contact for fire dept., AVL alert-register on city’s website for emergency contact can enter business and home number and address for communication alerts from the city. Goal is to create relationships and be a point of reference.

City of Asheville Update:

NBB Update: Mike Craft. Membership question. WECAN tips from liquid center 10% Street scape, 20% RADBA, 70% RADA-studio guide $1305!!

Riverlink Update: Suzanne–Dec. 7th Highwire proceeds fundraising event, 10,000 villages proceeds

RADA Update: Shelley Schenker- Stroll, numbers not all in yet, but collected food for Manna. Second Sat Dec. 9th, Events in district

RADTIP Update: Sara Henry-

Steph Monson Dahl - Riverfront Redevelopment Office Director Working off the road thru the end of the year. Form based code passed without housing piece. MOU signed for 25K City funds.

Stoneyard project thru city beginning in June thru 2019 Hotel hoping to be open in 2019

New Business:

Recap of City Council River Arts District zoning items:

-Stoneyard Project-passed by council

-Form Based Code-passed by council without housing. All shortterm rentals must be permitted by city council. B&B is a different category.

-Parking in RAD- increased parking voted down by council.

-MOU for signage during RADTIP project- has been signed. Suggested subcommittee of RADA and RADBA- internal to help with allocations of funds- Darren Green and Pattiy volunteer.

*RADA annual meeting Dec. 12th Eco Depot at 5pm

207 Cox Ave- Refinery City has studio open for 3 months for South Slope

**No RADA meeting in December**

NC Glass Center seconds sale and ornament release on Dec. 2nd. Proceeds to Riverlink and CERF+

Meeting adjourned 5pm