October Minutes 2015

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Dave Campbell at 4:05 pm.
Minutes from September meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report/Jenny Lumb: No new update on membership. A huge thank you to Matt Sprouse who paid the last month of landscaping. There was a proposal to advertise on the trolleys during the RADA Studio Stroll on November 14th and 15th. Everyone present agreed and the cost will be $300.
RADPAC: There will be a meeting about Clingman becoming one way on Thursday, October 29th at 8:30am at Odyssey. There is no plan in place from the city yet but there is a short time frame to make the decision due to the roundabout that RADTIP is funding. The main purpose of this proposal is to preserve parking on both sides of the street on Clingman. Someone from the city will be attending the meeting on Thursday as well to share the requests they have received from property owners in that area. These discussions could lead to a statement from RADBA to the city.

Form Based Code Charrette Report: The Charrette report has been posted for a couple weeks now and commenting throughout the report is available until November 16th. Riverlink submitted a comment related to supporting new zoning that invites the right kind of development and be flexible enough to allow property owners to make a profit while offering above standard protection for water quality as well as other types of environmental technology that would offer additional protection to the river.
AAARC: Continues to look at extending greenways. Their next meeting will go over the south project as well as discussing the East project. Pattiy is transitioning off so new elections are taking place and the annual report is being put together. The plan is by the end of the year to have 3-5 top policy concerns that they city council can look at during their January retreat. You can contact Carleton Collins or Stephanie Monson if you have any questions or concerns.

NBB: First test brew will be November 17th and it will be the first time raw materials run through the tanks. The goal is to be selling beer by the end of the year and the tasting room to be open by February. There will be a special Asheville weekend in March/April. There won’t be a restaurant but there will be food trucks and having smaller musical acts occasionally but their main focus will be on tours. For the first year, they will not be renting space out. They need to see if they have room.

Riverlink Update: Last concert went well with about 2,500 people in attendance. The concert series was very successful this year and they are hoping to keep it in the same location for next year.

City of Asheville/Marsha Stickford: The Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) and the Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods (CAN) are co-sponsoring a Neighborhood Plan Workshop from 9 to 11:30 a.m. November 7, 2015 at the Ferguson Auditorium at AB-Tech. The purpose of the workshop is to help neighborhoods better understand the City’s long-term planning process and how neighborhoods can participate in an upcoming Comprehensive Plan update. Give neighborhoods that already have a planning process that ability to share those. The City’s 2024 plan is online for people to review the current comprehensive plan. http://www.ashevillenc.gov/Departments/PlanningUrbanDesign/AshevilleCityDevelopmentPlan.aspx

Asheville Police/Ofc. Sean Davis and Lucas Lovelace: There have been more complaints about tent sites on the river. In the process of vacating them and cleaning the spots up.

New Business: Helene shared that she went to City Council on October 13th to discuss the parking plan at Riverview Station and she will be meeting with staff to figure out ways they can work together.

Julia announced the RADA Studio Stroll that will take place November 14th and 15th. They are partnering with Ingles and Manna Food Bank and eleven buildings will have cans available for people to leave their donations.

Susanne announced that on November 7th New Mountain and New Belgium will be partnering to host a Local Color program where emerging artists from the area will be performing and local businesses will be interviewed about running in a value purpose driven way. The event will be from 8-11pm.

Daniel and Julia touched on the EDC 5×5 dropping arts and culture from their plan. More to come on this subject.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05pm.