October Minutes 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Campbell at 4:04pm.

Treasurer’s Report: There’s a little over $9,000 in the bank account and this month we will be paying $600 to landscaping.

APD/Officer Sean Davis: A female deceased at the river this weekend. No signs of traumatic force but an autopsy is being done now. Her identity is still unknown. The FLS car that was stolen last month was recovered in Greenville. The individual had ties to Asheville. None of the stolen items were in the vehicle. There have been four people arrested for graffiti and one person has been charged with destruction to bridge. He may be charged with more.

City of Asheville/Marsha: The idea for a bus to go through downtown to the RAD wasn’t well received at the chamber meeting about the circulator shuttle. The three Asheville bonds will be on the back of the ballot when you go vote. These projects are already on the city dockets and have been there a long time but they are trying to use today’s low interest rates to get these projects completed. Yard signs are available for anyone who wants them. The Dave Steel site seems to be moving forward but will know more in the next few weeks.

NBB: They are getting a sign in place for the Certificate of Occupancy. NBB is hosting the Race for the Taps event. Race to Taps is this weekend and there will be rolling closures. 500 people are expected to be there. The race will have a 4-mile loop and an 8-mile loop. It was noted that October is when the RAD makes money so considerations need to be taken. They will ensure any group they work with who has an event to consider RADBA.

RiverLink Update: Riverlink is expanding and have just added a Development Manager. They will be building more resources the next few years including storm water issues. They are done with all events for the year and will be meeting on November 18th to talk about the future with the opportunities in water shed and storm water issues.

RADTIP Update: Duke was out of town dealing with issues from Hurricane Matthew but is coming back. There was an issue with after-hours work being done on Riverside Dr. All after-hours work done by cities water department and they didn’t think residents lived there but the work will not continue. They’ll be tracking pedestrians and bikes on Riverside Drive and near Riverview Station. City lots will be used for Pedi cabs to park. City is working on figuring out solution for Circulator Meeting. There will be no parking on 14 Riverside Drive for the RAD Studio Stroll. Duke transmission project will be starting up soon. There is a brown field in that area near Craven St. bridge so legal team has had to clarify things. The biggest concern is for the Studio Stroll. There are two trolley stops in the area they are doing work. They will coordinate to make sure they don’t do work at that time. Distribution may start at the time of Studio Stroll but they do not cause a problem. There will be flaggers on the ground and the City will let us know once it starts. All distribution poles are on West side of the road. Their commitment is if they are entering your property, they have the right from the State to go ahead. The New Belgium leadership round table will be taken over by the City in November and they need a representative from RADBA at each meeting. Dave volunteered to attend. Jenny Fares designed information for the business kit for communication during the construction process. Changes or questions regarding those need to be suggested by end of week.

New Business: WECAN Planting: The project is moving forward and there will be planting on November 6th from 12-4pm in front of Grey Eagle. Russ from Grey Eagle will water for the next few months. WECAN is attempting to remove the kudzu during the winter. The $300 Trolley Sponsorship for Studio Stroll was passed. RADBA will have a banner on the side of the trolley.