October Minutes 2017

RADBA meeting 1-30-18

In attendance: Pattiy Torno, Helaine Greene, Andrea Kulish, Matt Sprouse, Garrett Artz, Stephanie Monson, Katiherine Adams, Dave Campbell, Joe Ransmeier, Matt Wallace, Brian Gompers Home Trust Bank, Darren Green

Minutes approved as published

Treasure’s report… ~ $10,000 plus one new member David LaFave w/ Stoneyard Property & $260 donation from NBB thru WECAN

Brian commented that the Homeless Shelter during code purple is overwhelmed and APD is not willing to locate officers… needs some help with the politicing

Riverlink looking to restore Town Branch waterway … applying for funds from DWQ and so far the chances look good Kid’s EarthDay is coming up… Art & Poetry contest April 21st Partnering with NBB for the 3 RiverMusic and 1 RiverFests @ NBBanners


MOU with COA & RADBA Pole Banner possible program Showed possible version Art on the banners color coded to match the map COA clearly says that there is specific representation Know who your organize people are and go thru those channels Purposed to keep the district vibrant during construction

Sounds like we need to pursue a double track RADA track and a Sponsor Track RADBA supports the work by Andrea Kulish We like the colors and the styles etc!

RADBA will support the MOU with financial support for the MOU to be determined at our February meeting once the budget gets more clear

AB TECH give us help with business marketing Mountain Biz works to do workshops Working with Mission

Clingman Streetscape Project Clean up…

We need a future plan for beautification that could be a RADBA sub committee…

Look into no spraying….

Helainie moves to reauthorized the Clingman Contract for the year


$4.6 million was accepted by COA for RAD TIP

will take a little time to work out the details

Dustin is your contact

Lane Closures

Jean WEBB parking lot closed as of today

March & April - 20 day lane closures up by the train tressel

RFQ was issued for a strategic tree plan

Submitals are due back Feb12th

There will be a community engagement piece as well

There will also be a piece of art created

Arts Fest Betsy Damon April 5th class will be for non arts Allison Ornsby

An art student from UNCA will be a environmentally focused

Paid for by the Duke Foundation $60,000

Keep AVL Creative overlook

Summer of Glass

Blue Spiral, Bender Glass, Lexinton aVE Glass, NC Glass, CCCD, Toe River Arts Council,

History of Glass exhibit Chamber about doing a glass trail Talked with the trolley tour just for glass A good model that wil conti

Summerofglass.org Looking for sponsors CURVE studios & garden is a sponsor

RADBA would like to do a sponsorship?

RADBA will accept our topic of interest