September Minutes 2012

SHOUT OUT: Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts provided 1150 bowls for the Empty Bowls Fundraiser for MANNA.  More than $40,000 was raised.  For more information:


OCTOBER 9: Meet the Candidate at Flood Gallery on October 9–opportunity to bring concerns and make case of what we need support  5:30-8:30 p.m.  Seeking food and non-alcoholic beverages for the event.  Contact Jolene Mechanic:

OCTOBER 10: City and NC DOT co-host community meeting with East West Asheville Neighborhood Association at Hall Fletcher School from 5:30-7:30 p.m. to discuss WAVL Infrastructure changes

OCTOBER 18: 5-8 p.m. at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville (372 Depot Street–at the Glen Rock Depot) Open House with band.  Come by!


Motion to approve the minutes: Marty, Wendy second


$100 per year; Information here:

Contact Trip Howell, Treasurer:


Please send any feedback to this survey by Friday, September 28, 2012 to

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Event was September 13, 2012 at the Grant Center

East of the Riverway is a grant through the City that looks at Hillcrest through WECAN, RAD, Southside, Lee Walker Heights, South French Broad to McDowell Street.

All organizations got together and shared information about their goals and priorities.

To hear people talk about what their needs are was very incredible, inspiring and touching.

Long term RADBA goal potential: reach out to neighbors, we need to do this much, much more.

One Neighborhood mentoring program that Eric Howard is identifying to pay artists to work with them one-on-one

How does RADBA support neighborhoods surrounding RAD?

Greenway is coming together to help knit us together, physically

We need to be open about communication; this is a neighborhood community.

Potential in Spring 2013–gathering of groups–very wonderful night

East of the Riverway may do another event like this and would like to partner with RADBA.

Probably a couple hundred people were there–not just leaders in the community, but also neighbors and families

4 federal grantors who were there, who gave the grant who were checking up on things

lots of after-school arts program are already happening–maybe we can support what’s already happening rather than recreating the wheel–Delta House (across the Middle School has one)

Marsha Stickford will get a list of those contacts out to RADBA–Brian McCarthy would like to have this information to help through Odyssey

Perhaps form an Arts for One Neighborhood Committee?


Why isn’t the Depot Street sidewalk plan not going to happen this year?

Pattiy Torno, Marsha, Ken Putnam met today to discuss this

The Depot Street parking, the 3rd option is going to happen (this is what we asked for)

Two issues slowing it down:

Norfolk Southern wants a fence

There is a huge driveway cut, which is on NS property.  In order for all parking spaces to happen, that needs to be a curb rather than a driveway.

Is it possible to go ahead and mill down the road, move the center line and put in the parking space?

Short answer, yes.  But then you have people park where there’s no where for them to go when they get out of their vehicle.

Is this funded?

The answer is no.  Tap into parking fund money to pay for this is an option, but it is not yet designated to this project.

Ken Putnam is waiting to hear back from Matt Jones to hear from NS.

City will bid the fence and curb and put into the plan as it exists now.  Hopefully this will happen at end of year in January 2013.

The entire project would be funded July 1, 2013 and hopefully be finished by June 2014.

Parking goes from 5 way stop to David Stewart’s building

Continuing up Roberts Street

Walked up Roberts Street and asked about that sidewalk–City recognizes that it needs to be maintained and refurbished–because it’s a redo, it can come out of maintenance money.

Asked RADBA to do the same thing for 5 way to round about up Roberts Street

–get a sub-committee together and bring it to Ken and Greg by the end of 2012

–the subcommittee needs to include those who work on Roberts Street

Could happen FY 2013-14

Do we want to require granite curbstone on the sidewalk?  All of sudden, costs go way up if so.  Subcommittee needs to address this.

There would be lined parking.

To do it to code, the stairs into the studios next to AVL Glass Center, require them to make these changes.  Is that what we want?  Be aware that we are stirring a bit of a hornet’s nest.

Straightening the curve?  Is it possible?  Subcommittee needs to address this

Need to create Roberts Street Sidewalk Committee

Pattiy Torno, Joe Ransmier will pull people together for this subcommittee.  Contact Pattiy to be included in this process:

Can kiosks be part of this process–need money for this.  Cate Marvill from the Chamber–do not have the money–planning department for the City is revising this.

Get in front of City Council–there are opportunities at the end of the meeting to introduce ourselves and talk about the partnership with the city–Green the RAD, One Neighborhood–good idea to highlight these during the public comment period.  Important for them to know that RADBA is doing their part to make this a destination point and economic driver for the city.

Adopt a City Council member


Met week of September 15th week–30 members present

Looking into a 501c6 organization–time to become a legitimate business entity

Stroll is coming up November 10 and 11th–full page ad in the Mountain Xpress

Spend $21,000 in advertising on the trolley each year.  BB+T and New Belgium are sponsoring and need more sponsors.

$500/day for the entire trolley–$250/side

Rack Card Advertising Deadline is October 31, 2012–contact Shay Amber

Susanne moves to have a RADBA sign on the Trolley for one day $250, Susan Roderick seconds.

Pattiy suggests we do it on Saturday.  Brian Seconds the motion.  Approved.

We also agreed to sponsor a day on WCQS just before the stroll as well.

IDIOTAROD FEEDBACK: November 18, 2-5 p.m.

New York Acting School–Richard Handy

Voice overs, head shots, casting calls, etc.

The Race of Awesome–generating money for non-profits through fun races

Looking at Terpsicorps new space to start the event; going through the River Arts District

Do you want to be involved?  Please contact:


Meet the Candidate at Flood Gallery on October 9–opportunity to bring concerns and make case of what we need support  5:30-8:30 p.m.

They are seeking food and non-alcoholic beverages for the event.  Please contact Jolene Mechanic

MANNA FOOD BANK held Empty Bowls luncheon.  Restaurants supplies food.  Potters make bowls.  Odyssey provided 1150 bowls for this event.


Gail McCarthy has been working on a historical timeline for the beginning of the RAD.  Might be interesting to include local businesses in the timeline.  Wendy will send to Susanne to send out.