September Minutes 2013

Meeting Notes – SEPT 24, 2013 :::  4-5 p.m. at FLS Energy Boardroom

Asheville Marathon (Marsha, City Managers Office) – Sept. 28 –  7am-12:15

– Please give feedback on how the event goes and Marsha’s will work with her team to help make improvements. The event organizers are interested in helping make improvements as well.
– 1000s of people coming to run the race
–  Organizers meeting with city and police to get it done right, the were required to talk to neighborhood associations and worked very hard to notify the various communities.
– Notice to signage about road closing (Trip asks to change sign to say “detour” vs “road closing”)
– Realistic expectation for hearing about events? Large events 6 to 2 months lead time. City council wants public property to be used for events so they try to accommodation. Rewriting events notification policy.
– Procedures and guidelines city enforces and follows are hard to create. They are developing a way to measure success and impact of public events. (Point system)
– There is a list of annual events. They can send us an annual calendar for what events will be happening in the River Arts District.
– Event planners currently have to notify effected businesses about events, but they decide when.

– They see special events as economic drivers. There are times of the year that are more important. RAD feels impact of slows of economy in AVL more than most areas of town. So its important that we can help decide if we even want the event based on the season

– John Philman and Marsha would be happy to come back and discuss further
– Don’t be afraid to email John and Marsha city council and they like to listen.

Color the RAD 5K- NOV 2nd
They have moved the time of the run to 10:00am.  They put this in place with the city and reissued permits.  They would also love to have any promotional materials that the studios would provide for us to place in each participant packet.  They can let us know how many participants we will have about 1 week in advance, but if you would like to relay to your team roughly 350.

Emerald Ball- Kitty Love, Asheville Area Arts Council
– Saturday Oct. 5 6pm-12am
–  4:00pm – 1:00am  -Street Closing – Bartlet Barricade and Near Pizza Pura Depot st, AAAC required to be at Barricades
– Some neighbors not happy with not being notified about road closures.
– Could it be a soft closure? Police manage pedestrian crossings. Cars move thru the barricades based on the police. Kitty will investigate
–   Develop a proactive policy for how the RAD Events and be clear about events that we WANT.
–  RADTIP is being proactive. We communicated with John that we don’t want Bele Chere down here.

RAD Lofts- Tim Schaller
–  Dave Steel location, Harry peloaf, 209 apts 10 live work spaces,  (Sawyer BLDG)
–  Oct.  2 – Planning zoning going through
– RADPAC has seen the plans (issues: parking – he will building parking for tenants Traffic flow ,  – Live work space – 17.50 per square foot currently, Street front studios should cost a certain amount to keep the rental value up
–  We expect the new residents will have the income to afford art and $4 coffees
– Matt Sprouse has plans. We do have a voice.

Marketing with RADA–Marketing Committee- present findings from group meeting
– Jenny Fares, Sound Mind Creative presented the RAD Branding Brain Storm meeting results in a printed doc.Please contact Jenny via email for more info

– RABA Membership Drive– Matt Sprouse will presenedt an excel sheet with paid/unpaid and potential members–asking those who can contact specific people to sign up at the meeting.  The printed sheet was distributed.

– We should be seeing  movement on the bridge building project.

– Harry Piols (owner of RAD lofts) is in the process of getting the Lyman St. and Haywood Rail crossing listed as a “Quiet Zone” so we should be hearing less noise from the trains.