September Minutes 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Elect Shelley Schenker at 4:03pm.

Treasurer’s Report: There’s a little over $9,000 in the bank account and this month we have only paid the website hosting annual fee of $100.

APD/Officer Sean Davis: FLS was broken into and laptops, TVs, iPhones and a vehicle were taken. The vehicle is a gray Ford Focus with FLS Energy on it. So far, there are no leads regarding this. There has been a rise in vehicle break ins especially in RAD. There are eight warrants out for a suspect. Graffiti is up in the area too. There has been a nighttime unit out for this month. There has also been a decrease in homeless along the river.

City of Asheville/RADTIP Update: The Bond Referendum was discussed and there will be a more in-depth meeting on October 12th at 7pm at the Public Works building. There are a few members in RADBA that are on the committee for voting on these bonds. One of the bonds would help complete the Grant Center. None of our sidewalks or streets are affected. The goal of this bond is to get unfinished projects completed. A lot of cities have a regular cycle of bonds so depending on how this goes, that’s the direction Asheville would go in. The first round of meetings for the Comprehensive Plan will be on October 10th from 4-8pm at the Collider on Broadway. The survey for the first phase ended yesterday and consultants will come up with areas that were identified in the surveys. RADBA could be a focus group. Steph and Sara were both on vacation. There was a lot of good feedback regarding the business kit designs and there was a handout passed out with updates to the RADTIP project. Additional information and updates will be discussed at the next meeting.

RiverLink: Garrett Artz, the new Executive Director, introduced himself to the group and we welcome him to the neighborhood. The next RiverMusic event will be on Friday, October 7th from 5-10pm at Carrier Park.

UgoTour: There were still a lot of questions about how they will market, how many people it could bring to the RAD and more information about the app. They’ve already created story points for RADA. There was a motion for RADBA to not support UgoTours proposal for the next year but potential to revisit it after the year. That motion was seconded and then passed.