September Minutes 2018

RADBA Meeting Minutes September 25, 2018

Call to Order Self-Intro and Sign-In by all present

Shelley Schenker, Kathryn Adams, Hedy Fisher, Helaine Greene, Matt Sprouse, Michael Craft, Matt Wallace, Lydia Roberts, Katie Rotanz, Brandon Skupski, Anna Toth, David Lafave, Kari Rinn, Katherine De Vos Devine, Darren Green, Justin Wilson, Jannette Montenegro, Kelley Klepe, Lauri Nichols, Lauren Turpin, Barrett Nichols, Dave Campbell, Garrett Artz

Motion to Approve minutes from last meeting by Shelley Schenker: seconded by Kari Rinn Approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report:

Current balance $11358.45 (38 paid members) $650 earmarked for the One Neighborhood Program $350 outstanding for Clingman Streetscape upkeep

Neighborhood Update Officer Justin Wilson (Community Resource Officer) 828-450-3719 

-2 Stolen Cells at NBB

-Jonas Gerards Studio was vandalized again.

-How to handle panhandling?


Have a consensus with your building of how to handle this.

Feel empowered in a situation to care for it how you need to.

Cameras, or multiple staff is a recommendation.


City of Asheville / RADTIP Update by report Stuart Rohrbaugh (City of Asheville – Emergency Management – addressing dept)

Here to speak specifically on duplicated street name: Park Ave N

-Timing seems right to change the street name because the two structures on this street are currently gone.

-Proposed name is Rad View Lane

Changing duplicated street names is turning into a more necessary thing due to cell phones and not being able to locate 911 callers.

Fire Department Update

Sign up for AVL Alert: City of Asheville, or FD Website and sign up and create a profile.

NBB Update Mike Craft (Marketing Director, Community Liason – or other worthy title)

Tour de Fat: 19 years strong, This years bike parade attended by 400 people.

AVL on Bikes Main Beneficiary

All Hands and Hearts Tips, NBB matched the tips.

9/27 Thursday Bike in Movie

9/29 Sat Race to the Taps

Oct Events: Bike in Movie Ghost Busters

Collab with Arcatype

Pumpkin Peddler

RiverLink Update Garrett Artz (RiverLink Exec. Director)

144 Riverside (property across the street from cotton mill)

-Currently going through a design review process for a restaurant operation

Karen Cragnolin Park

-More than halfway through the master plan on creating a park there Oct 29th will release the rough draft of the plan expect food beer and wine at the event.

RADA Update Chalkley Matlack &/Or Nadine Charleson (President) / VP)  

New Website is live! Help encourage other artists to join.

Old Business

Kudzu Update…

-Asheville Green works will be bringing a crew of folks to “attack the hill” on Oct 5 for us to see what a dozen or so folks can do in a day!


RADBA Xpansion Update

Darren & Pattiy have brainstormed to add more businesses to our email list – please spread word to new businesses!

MOU –Consists of RADBA, RADA, City of Asheville

(Money that is designated to spend money for vitality projects during RADTIP construction)

New Business to Vote on:

Second Saturday Trolley Costing about 4800

Conversation about Second Saturday Followed by Vote

All in Favor with 2 abstaining.

Second Item to vote on:

Trolley Sponsored by RADBA logo

Cotton Mill Motion Second

Approved by all

Matt Sprouse New Business:

Saturday 29th Coffee Expo 10 -2 Ralph Street

Asheville Green Works:

6th Annual Root Ball this Saturday Sept 29th 6 – 9

Food, Beer and Wine, Music

Hedy Fisher Announcement

Opening Saturday 9/29 6 – 10 pm

22 London Rd: Say it loud

26 Artists from their personal collection

October 30 Meeting will be at Wedge Foundation

 November Meeting District Wine Bar:::Holiday Party!